Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Good Kind of Tired

I feel like I've been in a whirlwind, the last week or so.

When I was younger it seemed like everything worked itself up to fever pitch right before and up until Christmas.  And then "they" (whoever "they" are) realized that was a scheduling problem, and shifted it all to the first week of December.

Or maybe it's just me...

After traveling to Oregon and back, we jumped into a busy homeschool week, plus decorating the house, and had a wonderful visit from our friends, home for the holidays from Zambia, and finally got to meet their adopted daughter.  Then the weekend...

I had the first Messiah performance Friday night.  Went wonderfully.  The place was absolutely packed and we didn't make any egregious mistakes.  I know I missed an entrance, but I'd rather that than come in where I shouldn't!

And then Saturday... was it just yesterday?

*  Kerry's Tuba Christmas, in the morning, had more tuba players than ever before!  I didn't get a count, but looked like nearly fifty.  That's a lot of oom-pah!

*  Second performance of Messiah in the afternoon - not quite SRO, like the night before, but still pretty packed.  And, again, went well.  Especially considering we're a bunch of amateurs.  Farmers, janitors, doctors, students, and seniors (some over 80!), all volunteers.

*  The Dutch farming community near us has a Lighted Christmas Parade each year, and this was our first year to go.  Fun!  Cold, windy fun.  Lots of horses, tractors, and farm equipment.  Loved the big green lighted tractors with giant antlers pulling a sleigh... get it?  The (rein) Deere?  And the kids loved the people throwing candy.  Win-win.

*  That was followed by a Christmas party at our friends' house :D  Hot drinks (just the thing after a cold, cold parade), treats, and lots of friends.  And LOTS of kids.  And everyone got along, which is double-plus-win.  (Um, I mean the kids all got along, without getting wild and crazy and all sugared up, which is always possible.  Of course the grown-ups all got along.)

*  And about 8:45, sitting in Cutzi's very cozy, warm, and festive living room, I was just done.  My flannel sheets were calling to me, like Homer's Sirens, and we had to call it a night.  There may be pictures later, but right now I'm just too pooped.  But it's the good kind of tired.  ;D


The dB family said...

Sounds like a wonderful first weekend in December! Hope you get a good rest. It sounds like it's well deserved.


leah said...

That is the best kind of tired! We had a similar weekend- Matt's 5th birthday party, Christmas tree hunting, and going to see the movie Tangled. I love this time of year, with all the busy and FUN activities!

I love the Messiah- I should find a local chorus around here (I can't sing at all, but I would love to see a performance of it again)!