Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last Saturday... Part 3 and 4

And now, welcome to the wonderfulness of small town America.
In this case, small Dutch town America, having its annual Lighted Christmas Parade.
With the temperature hovering between hypothermia and frostbite, we threw on a few more layers.

Gunnar, always an opportunist, snagged an empty stroller for a chair.
And I love how fashionista Adia is keeping the wind out of her eyes with goggles...
swimming goggles.

I think these guys took the award for the Best Lighted Truck.
No, I'm not kidding.
I'm not sure what relationship exists between the semi, the airplane, and the (out-of-the-photo) sleigh that followed, but they were all well lit.

 The local fire departments were well represented.
I think the Grinch was on one of the trucks, but it was kind of hard to see in the dark.
(Note - a boy on your lap keeps you warmer.)

 Being a farming community, the parade looked a lot like this...

and this.
(Bonus points if you know what this is!)

And given the way our eyes were streaming from the cold wind,
this photo is a lot like I remember the parade.

But this was my favorite.
It's a pun.
 D'ya get it?

It's the Deere, pulling the sleigh.

Unfortunately, Kerry got no pics of the post-parade party, which was warm, friendly, fun,
and featured at least five different hot drinks, if I remember right.


leah said...

I love this time of year! Your parade looks a lot like our Christmas parade, except yours is better lit, lol! And we had a ton of lake effect snow during our Christmas parade.

I love the swim goggles for eye protection- too funny!

Cathy M. said...

That was super cool!

Gramma Grasshopper said...

Well, I for one recognize a raspberry picker when I see it. And I'm very surprised that with what I know of much of the 'audience' of your blog, that I'm the first :)

tammy said...

We had our Christmas parade the other day ... also small town America, but NOTHING like how amazing yours was! Reminded me of the Parade of Lights at Disney this summer. I think ours lasted a whole, hmmm, 10 minutes. Thank goodness though, because my daughter was in it and by the time she got back she was crying because her hands were so cold. Us southerners are still getting used to this midwestern weather.