Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back in the Land of the Living

Thanks, friends, for your concern.  Whatever it was passed quickly (no pun intended...)

I started the library project yesterday.  So far I'm just trying to make a list of the books we own.  Sounds simple, right?  But immediately I have questions.  What about magazines?  Workbooks?  (Not counting them - no consumbables.)  I haven't begun to count all our Bibles.  Then there are books (mostly in Kerry's piles) that I don't know if we own.  Are they ours?  Are they borrowed?  Are they transient or permanent?

Honestly, I had no idea we have so many books.  They're in nearly every room of the house.  I keep thinking I've got them all and then I find another little pocket.  There are the comic books I 'stashed' during the school year (Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, etc.)  And the Christmas books are all in a tub in the garage.  I'll have to catalog them later.  But loose, in the house... how many?  Take a guess.

I need to leave that project for a day or two, and get to some other jobs.  That's better for my sanity and the state of the house.

Meanwhile, yes, Gunnar and I have been for our walk this morning - yay, us!  It was perfect weather for walking - breezy and mid 60's.  I'd like to think it's causing me to lose weight, but I think being sick Monday may have had more of an effect.  Because we're very distractable walkers.  I mean, Look!  Both of the bald eagle parents are flying out of the nest!  And they found a thermal, and they're soaring in circles!  And those crazy crows are pestering them!  And LOOK!  There's a chickadee!  And I found a flicker feather!  And the mama Wood Duck has babies!  And I see two fish!  And... and... and...  well.  We walked for an hour, anyway, but there were a lot of pauses.

So there you go.  That's our whirlwind of life.  But you know what was awesome?  As we were walking through the woods, holding hands (because 10 is not too old to hold hands, you know), Gunnar said,

You know what, Mom?  I have a very happy life.  I'm mostly content.

That's good for a Mama's heart.


Ann said...

Yay for wellness!

It took me several weeks to catalog our books, a little at a time 1348 titles, at the time, some of those having multiple copies. That was a year ago. I wonder how many we've added since then?

Way to go, Gunnar. That would make my heart happy, too!

Gramma Grasshopper said...

Gunnar's words are good for a Gramma's heart too. Thank you Gunnar for being content - what a wonderful way to be - loving, and tender..........and we'll always love you as 'the youngest'. And thank you to several of you who comment on this blog for praying for me through my cancer journey. Got my 'tattoos' this morning. :)

melanie said...

Can't tell you how many books we have either. A lot. That covers it, don't ya think?

Aw, Gunnar ~ We should all be so aware and thankful.

leah said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! I love Gunnar's contentment: I think we could all borrow a little of that spirit. What a great kid!

The weather was beautiful here today, and we have a robin nesting right outside our window. I love the happy little things that you find in a day!

Q said...

The Ick - Glad you're on the mend.

Books - I'm in denial.

Gunnar - More wisdom in that young man than in many 40+ year olds I know.

Felicity said...

Gunnar is so sweet! I'm glad you're feeling better now.
I wouldn't even start to catalog our books - just too big a job! I'm sick of finding Calvin and HObbes lying round the house. the covers are off already, and I'm thinking of getting rid of them... but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful thing for a mom to hear.....wish we could bottle Gunnar's contentment and ship over to South'd soon be a multi-millionaire!