Monday, June 20, 2011

Grasshopper Days 6-20-11

Grasshopper Days

For today,  June 20, 2011
 Outside my window...  after a cool, cloudy morning we're having a lovely evening :D  The sun is shining on the hills all around the lake and lighting up the big, puffy clouds to the east of us.  Beautiful.

I am thinking...  I wonder how many books we actually have?

I am thankful for...  we had a good day yesterday, celebrating three fathers and six birthdays!
Thankful for MY dad and for Kerry-dad.

I am praying for...  two moms with new babies last week, the boys to adjust to our "summer schedule", and that I will feel better.  Had a yucky morning you'll thank me not to tell you more about.

I am creating...  HA!  Nothing.  I had great plans for a productive day, since the boys spent the night at Aunt Tami's after the party, but I spent most of the morning in a comfy chair, looking out the window.  The squirrels kept raiding the bird feeders, the birds were chasing each other around, and I kept plotting about how to foil the squirrels... and then waking up.

I am going...  it's only 7:30.  Is that too soon to go to bed?

I am reading...  Taking Back Astronomy, by Jason Lisle.

I am hoping...  to feel back to normal tomorrow.

I am hearing...  silence.  All the males are out in the garage.

I am remembering...  did not go for a walk today.  Um... walked from my chair to the bathroom and back several times.  Does that count?

From the learning rooms...  Wyatt is reading about the various kinds of fossils and how they form this week, while Tate and Gunnar and I are studying birds and flight.

Around the house...  I did do some picking up when I had moments of energy, but not much else.  Everything needs to be wiped off and dusted.  And moved around.  It's time.

On my mind...  sadly, not much.  Really, really not feeling great.  Utterly pathetic, I know.
And yes, I think I'm done whining about it.
You're welcome.

Noticing that...  I really should measure the boys again.  I think Wyatt may be as tall as me.
Don't tell him, though.

Pondering these words...  Kerry mentioned an article he read lately about the expansion of the universe.  Scientists have known for years that the galaxies are all getting further and further apart.  Evolutionary theory says that this is because of the The Big Bang propelling everything outward.  Scientists speculate about what will happen when everything stops moving outward.  Will it all collapse back inward?  How long will that take?  They have assumed all along that the expansion is slowing down because, after all, their Big Bang was bazillions of years ago, right?

Well, guess what.  The expansion of the universe is not slowing, it's accelerating.

This is a huge problem for evolutionary theory.  For the universe to not only be expanding, but to be increasing the speed at which it is expanding, well... there must be more energy being added to the system, and where is it coming from?

Interestingly, in Job, Psalms, Isaiah, and Zechariah - all written hundreds of years BC - the Bible says that God "stretches out the heavens".  I know it's poetic language, but interesting, don't you think?

In Isaiah 40:22 it says,
He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers.
He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.
 Coincidentally, that verse also mentions the roundness of the earth, which wasn't accepted as a scientific fact until about the time of Columbus.

One of my favorite things...  not having to cook dinner or clean up after - thanks guys :D

A few of my plans for the rest of the week...  apparently my plans for this week include buying yet more socks, as Gunnar just informed me the pair he has on both have holes.  *sigh*

Here is a picture I am sharing...
 being the awesome mom that I am, I completely forgot to bring a camera to the Father's Day / birthday extravaganza.  Thankfully Aunt Tami snapped some pics... which I don't have yet.
My "baby", my Gunnar, turned 10.  All my kids are in the double digits!  Time flies.
Imagine this adorable little guy...

... absolutely thrilled with an owl Webkinz, and a snow-leopard Webkinz, and Legos, and over-joyed to find what he's been requesting for at least two years - a real violin.

Pics when I get them.


Anonymous said...

hope you're feeling better...flu time in Cape Town...I'm one of the lucky few....still at work, but I ask is that lucky? What beautiful photos of the radiant innocence of youth...don't we wish they'd stay that way...innocent but grow up! Thanks!

Felicity said...

I think I would have eaten that little guy up...
I'd love to see photos of him with his violin.


melanie said...

Cute pics of your Gunnar ~ Happy Birthday to him! (My baby is still 9yo - We tell her she can't get BiG - yeah, right)

Hope you are feeling MUCH better today ~ If not, your purpose is to just rest! Maybe you'll come up with a solution for the squirrels...

Ann said...

Hope you feel better VERY soon!!

Choate Family said...

Your boys are all so cute! Praying that you are feeling better soon.

The dB family said...

What a blue-eyed cutie pie! Does that mean he will be taking violin lessons? How cool!! Happy Birthday to all the birthday crowd your way. All double digits! Wow! I have another one becoming a teenager in a month. You're right time does fly! I hope you're feeling better again soon!