Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bye Bye, Bunnies

Well, it's been (and still is...) an eventful week.  Most memorably, the bunnies have all gone to their new homes.  They're eight weeks old now.

It was time.

They've grown so quickly - and so cute along the way!  From gangly "infants"...

... to adorable still-blind babies...

... to inquisitive "toddlers"...

... to these irresistible little bunnies!

The boys have loved raising them.  I know they'll miss the bunnies, but it helps to know they've gone to such good homes.  A family from our church have taken two of them, and the third went to friends right around the corner from us.

Thanks to Hans, we realized why they all looked alike to me (anatomically)...
they are alike.  

Our bunny family is just like our family - three boys :D

Yep.  Sure looks like the bunnies will be loved :D

So we said our goodbyes.

Wyatt wasn't angry... just serious.

And the boys are already asking about breeding them again in the spring, if there's any local interest... ;D


dlefler said...

Oh, the bunnies are SO cute! It must be a little hard to give them up, but also a relief to see them go to good homes. I bet the families who received the pet bunnies are really enjoying them!

Ann said...

Olivia and I absolutely love the picture of the one on his back in Tate's lap. How precious!!!

The dB family said...

Oh so adorable!! I guess we're too far away to request any bunnies in the spring :o(. Love the photos too -- especially the serious one of Wyatt.


Felicity said...

Such cute photos!! I love the ones of Gunnar. The hardest thing for me when we had puppies was selling them... I'm glad you found good homes for the bunnies.