Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Every first Tuesday is special at CAP.  The cadets all wear their dress blues because the last hour of the meeting is Commander's Call, which includes recognizing cadets for their achievements and promotions.

Tate is rightfully proud of himself for having earned the rank of Sergeant - he received new insignia, a new ribbon (bar), his Wright Brothers Award...

... and the congratulations of his Commander and all present :D

Though not an official promotion, Wyatt is now the squadron guidon bearer.

And we celebrated with a trip to DQ :D

I'm so proud of the boys - not just for passing tests and being promoted, but for the work and dedication they put into it.  They really do earn those promotions and responsibilities.

Well done :D


melanie said...

Let me second that motion...

"Well done!"

dlefler said...

Congratulations to Tate! And to Wyatt, too - they definitely work hard to earn their promotions through CAP. It is such a great program for kids!

Choate Family said...

Dairy Queen is a great way to celebrate!