Saturday, October 20, 2012

"These Are Not The Projects You Are Looking For"

If you don't have a house full of Star Wars fans that might not make any sense, but when has that ever stopped me before?

After giving my sister her handmade birthday gifts, she mentioned that she had some projects she was hoping I would "finish" for her.

She had some leftover fabric from a class she teaches (high school) and wanted - basically - a giant pot-holder, so she could set a hot casserole right onto her table.  She had bought some cotton-poly batting (not the insul-brite) stuff, so I doubled it and warned her it's not really safe for right-out-of-the-oven, but will do okay for getting hot food on the table.  The fabric she sent is mostly blue and orange, but her house has a lot of olive green so I bound it with some green I had.  Nice and quick, but nothing fancy.

Last summer, when she bought me some gorgeous batik fabric for my birthday that I used to make this quilt, she also bought herself a collection of charm squares printed with food, in a rainbow of colors.  She had begun piecing together a table runner and had pulled out a few extra squares she wanted made into coasters, with a red side...

... and a green side.

But most of the squares went into her table runner.  She had pieced the top, but wanted it layered, backed, quilted, and bound.  Good grief - the thing is ninety inches long!!!

I love the vibrant colors - hard to make out, in the pic above, so here are some close-ups.

This is my favorite section here, with the blue-blue-blueberries, yellow lemons, oranges, cherries and limes.  Yum!


dlefler said...

Very cool table runner! I love it - that would make a great decoration for the summer months (and the color would certainly cheer up a dull February, too)!

Is it wrong that I immediately thought you were building AT-ATs from the title? Star Wars fans in this house, too. :)

Choate Family said...

Your title made me smile! That line is often heard in various forms in our home, too.

Ann said...

Actually, those ARE the projects I'm looking for! My pot holders are all worn out and torn, so I need new ones. I suppose that will happen after the Christmas projects are done.

By the way, we made it halfway through Empire Saturday night - the kids are begging to get it finished!