Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Batik Quilt - Done!

I had this great plan that I would sew like a maniac and finish a whole quilt while the boys were at my sister's.  Yah.  But it didn't quite work that way, what with all the time I spent watching TV and eating bon-bons.  (Just kidding!)

The very morning the boys left, I lost a contact down the drain.  Yah, sure, I took the drain apart, and found it... in pieces.  And had to break out my back-up glasses.  And helloooo?  The 80's called, and they'd like those frames back.  That was the era of big hair, big shoulders, and big glasses.  Lovely.  I dug deeper and found one, lone, ancient contact lens.  Not sure if it was even the right lens (my eyes are different) I popped it in and headed for the eye doc, feeling like Mr. Magoo.  Long story short, I just picked up my new contacts AND new glasses.  (Thanks, honey, it's been a spendy week :D)

Meanwhile, during the interim I really wasn't seeing quite clearly, and just sitting and sewing for hours on end made my head spin.  (Well, that might happen regardless... right?)  But I finally finished, and...


This is just the top, before I quilted it.  I spared no expense on my display apparatus ;D

And, here it is, quilted and bound.

I backed it with... (*gasp*)... a turquoise sheet.  (Purists, don't judge.)

I love the big yellow stars :D

I didn't really have a clear vision for how I wanted to quilt it, *ahem*, so we'll call the quilting "organic" and "modern", rather than crooked, okay?

And there are all kinds of little oopsies, like this thread loop.  Maybe a couple more runs through the wash will wiggle that around.  Or maybe not.

And just for fun... a view from the back before I quilted it.  Love the stained glass effect.

Some people are really brilliant at coming up with clever names for the quilts they make, but I'm at a loss, here.  Seasonal Affective Disorder Antidote doesn't really have the snappy wit I'm looking for, y'know?  I'm just glad it's finished!


melanie said...

So, maybe you could just call it Sadie's Stars? {looking at the SAD Antidote suggestion}

LOVELY, btw. So fun and LOVELY!

I am just amazed how you piece and quilt AND bind so fast. Seriously. It's barely begun in my brain, and you are DONE.

Wilma said...

I love the sheet as backing. Why not? I made drapes for our family room many years ago and bought fabric to match our couch. I found sheets in a color that matched one of the designs to use as the backs. They lasted for years!

This is a beautiful quilt. It's great that you do it so quickly.

Glad Tate is doing well with his CI. Have a great week!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wilma, that's great! I made curtains out of sheets at our first house - they were a nice blue/gray and white pinstripe and worked just fine!

And to be fair, I had a LOT of free time with the boys away ;D

Anonymous said...

Julie! I LOVE THIS!!! It's so beautiful! I wish I had your determination -- I've been working on a quilt for over a year and only have 10 blocks of it done because I don't keep at it. This one is amazing! LOVE the colors!!!!

Felicity said...

I think it looks lovely!!

dlefler said...

I think I'd just call it "Happy." I LOVE the back of the quilt - I don't think I've ever seen the back of a pieced top. It really does look like stained glass!

Q said...

Sorry about the spendy week!

Quilt is gorgeous. I'd call it, "My Three Sons" or "Sonstars"

I thought of your boys the minute I saw the three stars!

Ann said...

Oh my goodness! That is so fun and cheerful and delightful! I can imagine the cheer that will bring to a dark, cold winter day.

Abi's Blog said...

Julie, that is just absolutely beautiful!

Choate Family said...

I like the "happy" suggestion for your beautiful quilt! In your spare time ;-) you should make a quilt to give away on your fabulous blog.

Rebecca D said...

Wow... You are so talented! What an amazing quilt!

BlossomBatik said...

I think it you are great.The color combination is so nice!