Monday, July 23, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, July 23, 2012.
Outside my window...  the rain has finally let up, but it is cloudy and COLD!  55F!  Is this really summer?  Actually, I don't mind too much.  Heat bothers me more than cold, but for the boys' sake I'm hoping for some sunshine!
I am hearing...  the washer finishing a cycle.  Too wet to hang clothes on the line today :o(  I hear the wind in the trees outside my window, and water dripping onto the driveway.
I am pondering...  summer break is the perfect time to do some projects - I just need a plan.  Or at least a list of all the birthdays yet to come this year and then Christmas...
I am praying...  my mom is having knee replacement surgery next week, a friend's family will be caring for their (great)-grandma in their home, a friend is going through radiation (and soon chemo), and another friend just discovered cancer...
I am thankful...  Tate is doing SO very well with the adjustment to the implant.  He's started using Clearvoice and seems to be really liking it.  He noticed a difference right away in the car coming home and also commented that he was able to hear through the headphones (flying with CAP on Saturday) better than before.  Hallelujah!  Also, Kerry is still busy-busy-busy with work - such a pleasant change!
I am wearing...  gray jeans, blue socks and slippers, and a long-sleeve red shirt - it's cold today!
I am creating...  I want to be creating gifts in advance, hence the need for a plan.
I am going...  to stay home today.
I am hoping...  to be fabulously productive ;D
In the kitchen...  Wyatt's teeth seem to be feeling better (did I mention he got braces last week?  must get a pic...) so we're eating more normally again.  I was trying to serve very soft foods for the first couple days.  Maybe baked potatoes tonight - sounds good to me.
Around the house...  Wyatt's b'day gifts, though he's put most away as some are too big to leave out for long - like the long paddle he wanted, or the camo tarp.
The Mother Load...  I've long been avoiding a pile of paperwork/stuff in my office and really, really, should do something with it all.  More laundry is waiting, but Kerry is showering and I'd probably better not throw a load it right now...  though it's tempting ;D  And a bit of picking up after yesterday's party.
Noticing that...  I need to cut back some bamboo before it takes over a whole flower-bed I like.  Actually there is much yard-work to do, but it's too wet today.  Bleh.
Something I want to remember for later...  Gunnar is such a motor-mouth!  It can drive me batty.  And the reason I want to remember it, is because I hope that later it will have changed, and we'll be saying, remember when...
A favorite quote for today... 
Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
- James Barrie
One of my favorite things...  a quiet house.
A few plans for the rest of the week...  thankfully, this week is not so crazy as last week.  All the boys have dentist appointments tomorrow morning, Tate has therapy on Wednesday morning, the boys are invited to a movie night on Friday, then Saturday brings the annual CAP summer BBQ.
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Rebecca D said...

I should be thinking about making gifts... At least start narrowing down what I plan to make!

Ann said...

I remember trying to eat a cheeseburger and fries right after getting my braces. Not smart.

Love the picture!