Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

Friday, Friday, Friday... makes me happy.  Because the weekend is supposed to be relaxing, right?

1.  Fall has fallen.  With a big, wet, windy, rainy thud.  So I'm putting up these pictures from a few days ago to remind me of why I love fall.  Because the wind storm last night, the power flickering on and off, and the huge pile of soggy leaves right outside my back door (and what is it with that? why is the back porch such a leaf-magnet?!) are actually not why I like fall.

Virginia Creeper

2.  Two words: corded phone.  Yah, the power blinking on and off - besides being a pain in the rear and forcing me to reset all the digital clocks in the house - reminded me that Kerry swiped our bedroom phone for his office, so I picked up a new one today.  Because when the power is out, cordless phones just roll over and play dead.

This is more like what our fall looks like.  Soggy.

3.  Tate and Gunnar already finished their school for the week and are enjoying a PTO day at Grandpa and Grandma's house - hallelujah and amen.  We'd gotten out of the groove of PTO days, with Grandma recovering from her knee surgery, but she extended the invitation and we are glad to accept.  And it's not as if the boys need to be carried around, you know ;D

4.  Wyatt went to school...  had a Spanish test (20/20 - yay Wyatt), and an algebra test (no result yet).  He missed the PTO day for a doctor's appointment, because his back has been bothering him, apparently since July when he lifted a glider wing above his head with his back arched.  Oops.  Probably just a pulled trapezius and he should be fine.  No heavy lifting for a month, no working over his head for a month, and if he does his stretches he should be fine in a month.

At the moment, he's working on one of his Biology labs.  And with all this rain, do you think we can find a mushroom?  That should be easy, right?  Not so much... *sigh*

5.  I'm tired.  All the time, lately.  I suppose it could be the combination of choir practice, CAP, ladies' craft night at church, doctor's appointments, homeschooling, sewing projects, and the perpetual Mother Load.  Do you think?  There's also "girl trouble" thrown into the mix, which is being addressed.

6.  Or it might be the season.  Does anyone else feel like their body wants to go into hibernation this time of year?

Especially when this...

... and this...

... start turning into this...

... and this...

Same tree, a week or two later.  It's hard to see the difference, but look closely.  The leaves are covered with black spots.  I guess it's mold.  Still pretty, but dying.  And after last night's wind, most of them are on the ground... somewhere.

7.  Meanwhile, I'm brushing up on my high school Spanish as I try to help Wyatt with his.  My vocabulary is a bit rusty, so thank heavens for Uncle Google.

And let me tell you, we just lost twenty minutes we'll never get back lamenting the fate of Kiko and Marilu.  And all I can say is that a boy as creative and generous as Kiko should take a hint and take his gifts somewhere else, because he deserves better than a snotty girl who hits birds.

Or maybe we missed the point entirely.

8.  More wet leaves... so soggy, but still so pretty.

9.  Joy to the Whirled.


dlefler said...

Our fall is turning wet.. and WINDY - so many of the leaves have already fallen. Today was gorgeous, though, and sunny. I wish fall days could be bright and blue until the first snow!

Time to go light some candles for a little sparkle and hunker down for the long (long, long, long) winter ahead.

Choate Family said...

Sounds like great baking weather to me! Go put on a recording of The Messiah and sing along as you make something warm and fall-ish :-)