Thursday, November 1, 2012


Though I am decidedly not a fan of Halloween (It's a religious holiday, and it's not my religion.) the older boys had the option to dress up for CAP this week.  Any time there are five Tuesdays in a month,  the fifth Tuesday is a fun night, usually involving pizza.  And this time, Nerf guns.

Tate just went with a battle theme.  (Can NOT resist The Grin.)

While Wyatt, with the creative assistance of Gunnar - who really 'gets' wordplay - went as Iron Man's alter-alter-ego...
Tony Starch.

If you haven't seen Avengers, just walk on by, nothing to see here.

And, just in case you let your kids extort candy from the neighbors?  (Guilty.)

Well, David Regier has your back.

Go on.  Click the link.  You'll like it ;D


Q said...

I've seen the superhero movies of late and don't get them, hence, not remembering their titles, however I LOVE Tony STARCH! HA!

dlefler said...

David Regier's link is HILARIOUS. I have to steal it. Love it!

Wyatt's costume is really clever - we STILL haven't seen the Avengers, but my mother in law sent us the movie on DVD so we'll have to watch it soon.

Choate Family said...

Your boys sure are cute :-)