Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Tate, and The Small Reveal

After Monday's post, when I kept yammering on about a secret, and then Leah referred (in the comments) to our trip last fall, I felt a bit guilty about leading you on, because this is nowhere near that exciting.  But it is a SURPRISE, which makes it lots of fun.

Even though Tate nearly spoiled the surprise, but I'm a quick thinker (and possibly - in this case - a white liar) but more about that later.

Today is Tate's 14th birthday, and I won't see hide nor hair of him.  I dropped him off at Grandpa and Grandma Grasshopper's last night so he and Grandpa Grasshopper could get an early start this morning.  They're off to Wyoming for a guided deer hunt, and we're praying for safety (lots of traveling and snowy passes to cross) and for success (venison!)

Knowing that he'd be gone on his birthday we planned to celebrate it a bit early.  We're planner in my family.  Not so my new SIL, who is like a deer in the headlights when we break out our calendars.  Well, (s)he who hesitates has lost, and let me introduce you to the family tradition of being

We celebrated Tate and Grandma Grasshopper's birthdays at Dave and Allyson's house.  Besides, we all wanted to see the baby :D

I already showed you a couple of little things I made for my mom, and here she is opening some candles to go with.  My parents are at that stage of life where they really don't need or want much, and mostly we get them consumables.  Not necessarily food, mind you, but stuff they'll use up.  And candles are a constant necessity in our homes :D

Oh my goodness, I cannot resist that grin.  That dimple.  Uncle Dave picks out the best cards.  Too bad I snapped the picture so fast I cropped it out.  I think it said something about laughing so hard you accidentally toot.  Perfect adolescent boy fodder :D

Somebody was a bit fussy.  Poor kid.  She doesn't get to see us often enough to remember any of us, but that gave us lots of chances to snuggle and comfort, as Grandpa was doing so well here :D

I'll have to pay attention and get a better three generations photo than this, but here they are.

Tate's birthday definitely had a theme... can you tell?

While little Naomi rocked out in her swing.


... going...

... gone.

My cousin thrilled my mom with a family tradition - Chocolate Dream Cake - while Aunty Tami honored Tate with Moo-wiches, ice-cream/cookie sandwiches.  Yum!

And then there was the usual sugar-induced horsing around...

Wyatt crowned Kerry "Bag-dad".

And Tate showed off more of his birthday goodies :D

So happy birthday, my testosterone-addled young man, and happy hunting to you!

But none of that is any surprise... did you think I forgot?

While Tate and Grandpa have been planning their trip, Grandma Grasshopper has had something up her sleeve.  By the time you read this, she'll have arrived here this morning and told Gunnar to pack his bag.  He'll be in a tizzy of excitement and pestering her with an endless barrage of, Where are we going, Grandma?  I'll have secretly packed for me and Wyatt.  In fact, I'm sending Wyatt off to school, completely unaware and we're picking him up there, mid-morning - I can't wait to surprise him!  And she is whisking us all away for a long weekend at.....

Which is an enormous indoor waterpark resort, about four hours from here.  They'll be over the moon, with all the pools and water-slides.  And I'll be over the moon that they're having so much fun, and - other than putting together some lunches in our room - I won't be cooking a single meal for four days.

And I can reveal it all now (pics to come later) since the house won't be sitting empty, as Kerry is staying home.  Don't feel too bad for him - he'll be holding down the fort, eating leftover candy, having "guy time" with his brother, and will be fed to the gills at the church potluck the rest of us will be missing.  Probably preferable to sharing the one hotel room with his MIL, no matter how delightful she is ;D

And oh my word, the surprise almost got blown.  Tate went out to the rifle range with my dad earlier this week.  Dad told him about our trip and he innocently said something about them going to the waterslides.  Oh boy was I on the spot!

Thank heavens for Felicity - my South African friend!  We met them (happy squeal!) up in Canada yesterday, where they were visiting.  I'll post pictures next week - no time this morning!  I had been planning an activity to do with them up in the Vancouver area, so when Tate said "waterslides" I told a bit of a lie.

Oh no...  I considered that, but decided on the Cannery instead.  They have little ones that may be too tired to enjoy something like a big, loud waterslides pool after flying half way round the world.

Yes, I pretended Tate was referring to our jaunt to Canada.  Fortunately only Tate could see my giant wink and caught the hint immediately.  I was able to pull him aside and fill him in and - bless his heart - he kept the secret beautifully.

So now, off to pack some bags!

And... we're off!


Wilma said...

Have a wonderful time! WOW!

melanie said...

whew! :D Hope you have a splendid weekend!

Love the birthday fun too ~

dlefler said...

I'm glad Tate can keep a secret! I can't wait to see your pictures when you get back - have a great time! There is a Great Wolf Lodge about 4 hours from our house. We'll have to think about heading that way one of these days!

Crystal in Lynden said...

We are going to miss you at the Great Wolf Lodge by about 11 days. Have fun! We are looking forward to it too.

Q said...

Oh no, that's righteous deception! Totally different than a lie! ;)