Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Brain Dump

Ack!  I have so much to tell you - and show you - and no time to do it.  I think last week tried to kill me.  With good things, mind you, but just so many of them all at once!

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little.  Possibly.

Does it seem like everything happens at once in your life?  I mean, I can go for weeks just plodding through the routine, semi-normally (as normal as things ever get around here anyway), and then - BAM.  In between rehearsals and CAP and youthgroup and homeschool, I get friends from overseas, birthdays, road trips, and an inbox full of delightful messages like this one:

This post - one of the few exceptions, when you read with interest and something for takeout.

Apparently my blog has features even I am unaware of.  Would you like fries with that?


*  We had a great time in Canada meeting Felicity and her family - photos coming.

*  We had a fabulous time at Great Wolf Lodge - photos coming.

*  Four days in a heavily chlorinated environment is hard on Gunnar's skin, Wyatt's throat, and my voice... right before auditions (fabulous).

*  Tate and Grandpa have arrived safely in Wyoming for their big white-tail hunt - I hope news is coming.

*  We know they've arrived safely because my sister called us at Great Wolf Lodge.  And here's why my brain is perpetually scrambled.

In order to hunt in Wyoming (not our home state) they had to apply for Wyoming hunting licenses months ago.  This required submitting all manner of documents and identification.  All went fine and he received his Wyoming license and tag in the mail months ago.  Just for good measure, I had him take along his Washington hunting license and tag as well.

But that wasn't enough.  Wyoming Fish and Wildlife apparently can't remember that he submitted all that information already, and requires that he have with him the certificate showing that he passed his Hunter Safety Course.  A certificate he had to submit in order to receive the hunting license in the first place!

I think government officials must be specifically prohibited from using anything resembling common sense.  *sigh*

Meanwhile, Tate and Grandpa arrive in Wyoming on Sunday night and the hunt begins Monday morning.  So the guide offers to let them use his phone (neither of them has a cel) to call and ask us to fax it.

There's a problem with that.  A few problems....
1.  Nobody is home at our house.
2.  Our fax machine broke months ago.
3.  Grandpa can't remember Grandma's cel number, so has to call my sister and have her call us (delay).
4.  We are 170 miles away, and can't run home to find the paper.
5.  Although I could walk into my office and put my hand on that paper in probably 30 seconds or less, I can't just leave a message for Kerry, I will have to walk him through the search process on the phone.
6.  Kerry went to a movie with his brother and has turned off his cel.
7.  Kerry doesn't always check his messages...

Can you see why my brain is over-loaded all the time?!

He finally called back.  (I left messages on his cel, our home phone, and his brother's phone... and guess who actually called?)  I was able to direct him to the document (whew!)  He was able to scan it and email it, rather than find a fax service late at night.  Hallelujah and amen.

And in other news, just in case my life isn't fabulous enough...

*  Thumpety-bumpety, thumpin' bumpin', round and roly, Runaway Pumpkin.

It's almost Thanksgiving (already! how did that happen?) and I've had that book on my mind.

And I can tell you why...

Because I keep hearing thumpety-bumpety, thumpin-bumpin', but it's no round and roly, Runaway Pumpkin.  Apparently it's the ball bearings going out in my four-year-old washing machine.  Not good.

But what really chaps my hide is that appliances aren't made to be repaired.  It will actually cost more to repair it than to replace it.  And that ain't cheap.  I'm looking into commercial washers - the big ones they sell to laundromats, which are intended to be repaired, and would - I hope - be sturdier.

Oh boy.  Well... Merry Christmas :oP

*  The Evergreen Flight Museum...  I never posted the pictures!  That was in early October, for crying' out loud.  Apparently I was waiting for the boys to properly identify most of the photos and never got around to that.  Oops.  Coming soon.

*  Wyatt is going to be a victim tonight.  He's been looking forward to it for weeks.  Weird?  Maybe. His CAP group is helping out some kind of Emergency Response class at the local Tech school by participating in a large-scale disaster scenario they're setting up.  They'll be worked over by the moulage team (google it up if you have a strong stomach...) to look as if they're horribly injured.  Fun times!

*  But first... the orthodontist.  Wyatt's getting braces put onto his bottom teeth today.  Poor kid.  His teeth are in rows, like a shark's.  Look for a mushy menu for the rest of the week ;D

*  And... I'm out of time.  Must run pick him up and head to said appointment, so I'm doing something daring (or foolish).

I'm hitting "publish" without proof-reading!  (I know, I know, live life on the edge, and all that.)

So feel free to point out all my grammatical and spelling errors before I get home and can edit!


Choate Family said...

I like your un-edited version. It's fun to see what rolls off your keyboard :-)

Ruby said...

I am rather exhausted reading this post. It's funny how one can read the stationary written word at the pace the writer was thinking!
I am thinking White Tail are deer? It is a rigamarole her in Aus. to get hunting permit as we have very strict gun laws. The fact that we have many animals in plague proportions eg kangaroos and rabbits, feral pigs, does not make it any easier