Monday, January 7, 2013

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, January 7, 2013

Outside my window...  Wyatt just headed out the door to catch the bus, and it is dark as midnight and raining.  I know the days are getting longer (right?!) but I'm not seeing it yet.

Hearing...  the wind blowing, but otherwise quiet.  Tate and Gunnar have a few minutes before we launch this week of homeschool.

Pondering...  the Mother Load.  Ugh.

Praying...  that 2013 will be better.

Thankful...  a warm, dry house, a full freezer, and three healthy boys.

Wearing...  blue jeans, white T, blue long-sleeve shirt (yay, Value Village!), wool socks and slippers.  *sigh*

Going...  To do some sewing (hemming) - I have five pairs of pants that need attention today.  The boys are getting taller...

Reading...  with the boys, The Kite Fighters, Tales of a Korean Grandmother, and another one about Eric Liddell.

Looking forward to...  we're almost half-way through our school year.  How can that be?

In the kitchen...  we've been cleaning up a lot of leftovers this weekend, but now... ???  Let me guess... venison ;D

In the learning rooms...  Wyatt - Mendelian genetics, the Reformation, and loaded questions.  Tate and Gunnar - shifting our study from Korea to China.  Tate - fossils and rock layers, simple and compound interest, and writing descriptive paragraphs.  Gunnar - helping verbs, ungulates, and finishing his fifth grade math book (already!)

Around the house...  legos and books.  And a new bookshelf (bought in OCTOBER, but finally painted and brought into the house) to organize.

The Mother Load...  much too overwhelming to even consider this early in the morning.

Noticing that...  Gunnar is VERY moody lately.  Could the hormones be hitting already?  He's only eleven!

A quote for today...
Life wasn't meant to be easy.  
Malcolm Fraser, former P.M of Australia.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  I think we're all hoping this can be a "normal" week - get back into our routine.  Headed to the orthodontist with Wyatt after school.  He's had a few brackets pop off and I don't know why - he's not eating things he shouldn't.

A peek into my day/world...  if it were light enough to see out the window... that's the view.  *sigh*

Rain.     Rain.     Rain.     Rain.     Rain.


Ann said...

Ugh for dreary days. Praying for some SUNSHINE to come your way!

Choate Family said...

Let me send some of our Texas sunshine and warm temperatures your way, as soon as I figure out this whole teleportation thing :-)

sara said...

You live in such a pretty place! I wish you could see it. :)

dlefler said...

BOO to the rain. Sometimes, the sight of blue sky is the most welcome thing in the world!

I everyone stays well and that a few days of sunshine make their way to the dreary northwest!