Monday, January 7, 2013

Really. The Last Christmas Post For 2012. Promise.

I'm a big kid at heart, and I love to see everyone's Christmas lights.  In fact, there are certain neighborhoods in town we Must Drive Through.  A certain retirement community comes to mind.

But we have a couple of favorites not far from where we live.  We're particularly in awe of this guy.  He must have twenty-five huge Douglas fir trees in his yard, and he wraps the trunks in Christmas lights, about twenty feet up.  (There are more behind the house you can't see in the photo.)

And - yes - I did take the photo right out the car window, because I am classy like that.  Also, it was the evening of Christmas day and we were on our way home and we were just DONE.

Here's a closer look.

And then Kerry started to drive before I was ready and it looked like this.  Or maybe that was the sugar coma from all the Christmas cookies.  You be the judge.

Actually, I kind of like the effect.  Yah?

And then we went around the corner... to The Wrong House.   Because it's just so very wrong.

Actually, they've updated it a bit, since I wrote about it in 2010, but it's still just wrong.  Too many junky pieces, all out of proportion to each other.  But at least this year Santa isn't hovering menacingly over the manger.  Small blessings, friends, small blessings.

But everything still flashes on and off, and gives a sort of Las Vegas strip effect.

There were others, much more tastefully done, but by then they all started looking like this.

In fact, I think it's my favorite ;D


Ann said...

I thought only Rednecks decorated like that! We have a lot of "wrong" decorating down here. A lot. I just shake my head and laugh!

The dB family said...

Bahaha! I think you did have too much sugar ;o). I just can't like the blow ups. I don't even care if they're snowmen. I also can't decide if they're worse during the day when they just look like lawn litter or at night when they just look like blow ups. I do love the Douglas fir guy's though. How festive!


dlefler said...

I love looking at Christmas lights. I should take a picture of our neighbor's lights - they didn't even unjumble the string. They just threw the entire knotted strand into the bush by their front door! It's so bad that it is funny - we haven't taken our lights down yet because there's too much snow on the roof.