Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas traditions...

More fun things that have nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas...

You probably do this too, right? We pile the kids in the car and go look at Christmas lights. Well, in our town you could drive all over, or you could go to the local "55 and Over" retirement-living-manufactured-home-village.
Sort of "one-stop shopping" for looking at Christmas decorations!

This is not the kind of trailer park where everyone has two first names and a car up on blocks in the driveway, but we did see some very interesting decorations this year, what with having more snow than usual.

Which would be any.

We discovered a large, multi-colored octopus is hiding in this yard.

And here you see an example of a large green paramecium about to be absorbed by an even larger and more colorful amoeba.

Look closely. I think we've found its mouth.

Pixie Dust!

These people had waaaay too much fun in the 70's.

Oh, wait. I did that on purpose. Really.

We finished the evening with this classic treat: a toasted pbm.

My mom made this when I was a kid, and I would come in freezing cold from playing in the snow.

Toast a piece of bread lightly.
Spread it with peanut butter.
Sprinkle on mini-marshmallows.
Chocolate chips are optional.
It's pretty darn good without them, but then,
almost everything is better with a little chocolate.
Brown the marshmallows under the broiler.

Gunnar begged me to add the following picture.
"Mama! Please put the picture on the blog of my favorite tree, and tell them,
'Gunnar thought this tree was beautiful.' "


The dB family said...

Yum!!! I won't show my kids -- the treat that is.

Love those funky lights!

leah said...

What a cool treat! And I love the lights in your area- it's been so cold for so long here that few people have been able to put up lights :(

Next year we're putting ours up before Halloween, so that we can beat the snow!

Jena Webber said...

What? Is putting up lights.. out of vogue? I would never know, since we live in a humpty dumpty kind of area, and everyone still does it. Generally, before Thanksgiving is a little early, though! I thought the octopi thing was my favorite.

Yes, I think our mothers shopped at Shopko at the same time.. and we have matching dishes.. or what's left of them! LOL. None of my dishes match, so I think I only have 2 bowls left from that era.