Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Could anything possibly top all the fun we had yesterday? Maybe a big dump of snow... We saw a few little flakes, driving home last night, and the boys had high hopes, but woke up to a disappointing little dusting of new snow.

I convinced them to jump right into school work and get math out of the way because I didn't want them out there trying to sled (on the icy streets) when people were trying to drive to work. (Moms are so irrational about what's really important!) This was not a popular decision, what with the public schools having Late Arrival because it's taking the buses so much longer to get around.

HA! The boys were rewarded and I was vindicated... as they wrapped up their math and writing, (just as kids were headed past our house, on their way to school), the snow really began to fall.

Could you really study much, with that going on outside the window? Hence, the empty room...

Well, what could I say, but, "I think it's time for homeschool PE!" And out they went. For three hours.

I finally forced them to come inside for lunch, around 1pm. Doesn't tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches (for some obscure reason known as "cheesy pleasy" at our house) sound just about perfect? Finished our history study for the week, talked a bit more about Windchill and hypothermia, and turned them loose in time to meet all their friends coming home from school for another three hours of "self directed exercise"... or something like that.

We are The Happenin' Place when it snows. That is, we live on a dead-end road that is the practically-perfect sledding hill. Well, except for that intersection at the bottom. Minor details, people! There are often adults keeping watch over the flocks of kids... and occasionally stopping traffic to let an avalanche of sledders go by.

Don't those look like happy faces?! And boy do they sleep well!


leahlefler said...

Your house looks like it belongs in Western New York, lol! What great fun- sledding and learning about weather systems at the same time. I would be a nervous wreck with the whole "Frogger" aspect of sledding through the intersection. Us moms are such killjoys!

Julie said...

Yeah, the intersection does make me nervous.

This year is the first time I have been able to be a little relaxed about it... due to the ages of the boys.

There's not a lot of traffic, and even less when it snows - lots of people here really are not used to driving in the snow and just stay home (or take the bus... which DOES go through the intersection twice each hour). But my boys know that if there's not an adult out in the street giving the all clear, they're to steer their sleds into the yard and 'bail out'. If I see them out in the intersection they are BUSTED!