Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Advent... Day 17

We did "double duty" today with our books and devotions, after being gone all day yesterday.

Two candies from the candy strip, two books, two devotions, and two Christmas carols.

Gunnar picked out "Snowie Rolie", which was given to him years and years ago. Apparently it's from a cartoon (?) but I'm not familiar with it. Apparently this was a "little kid book" night, as Wyatt proudly presented me with "Bob, and 6 More Christmas Stories", a board book, by Sandra Boynton. This one always cracks me up. I love her silly rhymes and pictures. I think our family favorite, from this book, is:

A Big Box
I need a box,
A really big box.
It's got to be big and wide.
I need a box,
A really big box,
To put your present inside.
I need a box,
A really big box,
As big as I can wish.
I need a box,
A really big box,
So the hippo's ears won't squish.
Oh, here is a box!
A really big box!
The perfect shape and size!
Now where can I find
What I have in mind
For your Christmas Day

Yeah. Because we're deep and meaningful like that. ;-)

Had an interesting discussion, with our devotions, about the wise men. How many were there? What did they ride? Did they visit Jesus in the stable? What are our assumptions vs. what do we really know?


Deborah said...

Somewhere in my trusty files, I have a quiz that asks a whole bunch of questions regarding the nativity story. It is surprising how much had actually been made up over time and what is truly Biblical.

Your trip sounds like great fun. We went to the Toronto Science Centre the day after Labour Day. Awesome time to go. No crowds at all!

Your boys and my gang would get along just fine. Who knew snow could keep them out so long! I love it ;oP!

Julie said...

Your nativity quiz sounds really interesting... if you find it you could put it online :0)