Thursday, December 4, 2008

Library Elf

Since we're talking about books, I thought I'd share a resource that some of you may be able to use... Library Elf! No, this isn't a Christmas thing, in spite of the name :0)

Library Elf will track the books you have checked out, books you have on reserve, and send you reminders before they are due. Now, my library will do the same thing but, because of their high regard for "privacy", I can only access my kids' accounts if I know their passwords. Which, of course, I do. But then I have to log into four accounts, separately, and who wants to waste time with that?

Library Elf lets me link all of our family accounts and check them all at once, and still identifies whose books are whose. It will even track more than one library, if you use multiple library systems. I just log in, see what is coming due, print out the list, send the boys on a Search and Rescue Mission.

And it's free!!!

Follow the link and you can see if they serve YOUR library. It only takes a couple of minutes (and the numbers off your library card) to set up an account. And they don't send you junk-mail, either. (The only thing I can't do through Library Elf is request/reserve books.)

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Deborah said...

Awesome! I am so going to check that out! I can never keep track of who has what out and when it's due back.

Thanks for the scoop!