Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

Had the family here for Christmas Eve. The plan was to have an early dinner and go to Christmas Eve service at church... but church was canceled, due to snow.

I know, I've been going on and on about the snow, and we have been loving it! (We have a coastal climate and usually get a lot more rain than snow. Really, a lot of rain.) Still, most of us were disappointed not to get to go to Christmas Eve service.

Tate opened our last book - the one he had been strategizing to open on Christmas Eve - "A Night the Stars Danced for Joy". This is the familiar story, from Luke 2, but told from a shepherd family's point of view.

Oh, look at those happy faces! They get to open one or two small gifts on Christmas Eve. (I used to always give them new jammies, so they had something presentable for Christmas morning photos!) This year they each opened a mini Lego kit.

And, since we had already eaten a very early dinner when we got the call that church was canceled, they decided that I needed to open my gift from them. With typical boy logic, they got me the "Prince Caspian" DVD! After our Advent devotion we all watched together. (Two and a half hours long... I had forgotten.)


leahlefler said...

What a great Christmas Eve! I got Prince Caspian from Dennis for Christmas- we watched it sans boys the other night (3 is a tad young, lol). I had wanted to see it in the theaters so badly, and FINALLY got to watch it! I think Dawn Treader comes out in Spring 2010.

Julie said...

Oooo, we're REALLY looking forward to "Dawn Treader"!