Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm not obsessing... really

Okay, so I added a "feedjit" thing a couple of weeks ago.

Because I'm curious.

Actually I'm completely boggled. Some of the locations I recognize. I think I know who is visiting from Wake Forest :0) And Canada :0) And probably Guatemala and Brazil. :0) But others...

Who in the world is logging on from Kerala? Russia? Morocco? Bulgaria? Spain? Turkey? The Philippines? And Cambodia, France, Greece, and China?

Are these people actually interested in our mundane lives? Or are they searching for something else? Something vastly more interesting?

I've heard that you can find out how people are coming to your site, but I don't know how to do that. And I am curious, but trying not to be too curious. I mean, are there actual Herders of Grasshoppers that are looking for some professional networking? Maybe someone is looking for a recipe to cook grasshoppers (protein, right?)

Or what?


Deborah said...

Lol! So does that mean people are coming to mine looking for a different drum for their collection?

It is interesting, but I don't get too many outside Canada or the U.S.I get all excited when I see one from Finland or some other way off country. Then I realise they are probably lost ;o). I have my privacy settings pretty high, so I think that's partly why my traffic is so slow(?).

Julie said...

I think most of those overseas visitors are lost :0) I do have friends in Guatemala and Brazil, (missionaries), so those are probably exlained.

leahlefler said...

That's a cool blog gadget. I just saw someone was from Croatia- that's interesting! Maybe they have a weird bug in their yard and they were trying to find a blog on insect identification?

leahlefler said...

Hmm.. this is interesting. It says I'm from Oneanta, NY. I have no idea where that even is! We're in Jamestown, NY so I wonder how they get the feed data! Interesting.. very interesting.

Julie said...

Yeah, when I log on it registers as Seattle, (where our phone company bills go...) but not all the Seattle ones are me. Must be the server?

And Croatia?! Wow. I mean, I'm flattered. But really, probably, that person is looking for something else. Something more interesting.