Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wyatt is 12, but still very much a Boy. Though we're trying to prepare ourselves, and him, he doesn't appear to be right on the verge of adolescence.

Until, maybe, today.

Kerry had to get this picture without raising Wyatt's suspicions, because he's a sensitive soul.

But look.

Look closer.

Is that a zit on his nose?

Yes, I think it is.

Lord have mercy.


kristen@nosmallthing said...

Ha ha ha! That seriously cracked me up! Oh lady, I fear for what you are about to undertake. Seriously. I am AFRAID of teenagerhood. And I've got a girl first. That is even worse. God, please help me!!! I noticed the other day that her facial skin is seems less peachy or whatever. She's only eight...

Deborah said...

Lol! My twelve year old boy is suffering the same fate ;-)!

Julie said...

Yeah, we're in for it, I'm sure. And I think his 10 year old brother is not far behind him... will probably "develop" earlier.

I read some interesting ideas regarding the whole "teenager" concept, and will probably try to post about that sometime later. Probably after the holidays.

At this point I'm thrilled that my kids would rather play with Legos, and draw/write comic books (oh, excuse me, "graphic novels") than try to be more "adult".

We haven't even got to the stage where girls are "gross" yet, though the boys usually prefer to play with other boys.

But oh my goodness, Kerry and I both went though some EXTREMELY awkward years, about 12-14, so I have a great deal of compassion for these kids.

leahlefler said...

Oh, those years from 12-14 can be so difficult. I remember that awkwardness all too well (and I had a bad haircut, braces with rubberbands, and acne to boot). May the days of legos last as long as possible!