Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent... Day 10

What a dark, drippy PNW day. We have days, this time of year, where it never seems to truly get light. Even at noon it looks like twilight. Days like this I am such a homebody! Don't want to go anywhere - just want to stay home with my pretty Christmas lights on, a sweet-smelling candle burning, and Christmas music playing.

Once we finished our school work I shut myself in my office, put on Handel's Messiah, and wrapped Christmas presents. The pile seems much smaller this year, which is GOOD.

I think there was some careful analysis of the remaining wrapped books going on... which is fine :0) Gunnar broke out in a victory dance when he opened "The Red Ranger Came Calling"! Yes, it's a "Santa" story, and yes, it's by Berkeley Breathed (the creator of "Bloom County"), but in a very different style. On little Vashon Island (near Seattle), a young doubter dreams of having an "official Buck Tweed, two speed, crime-stopper, star-hopper bicycle". I love the writing style, and the pictures have us all in stitches. Lots of fun!

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