Monday, December 8, 2008

Advent... Day 8

Oh good grief... where did this day go? I usually prefer to start the week strong, as far as school goes, and then kind of taper off, but turned that upside down today.

I may be missing a gene somewhere, but I have to confess that I really don't like shopping. Especially not when I feel pressured or hurried (just try shopping with three boys!). And extra-especially not in a crowd. (No, I don't shop on "Black Friday", and it's more out of personal preference than out of protest! No "shopping maul" for me!)

Bright and early Monday morning seemed like a good time to beat the crowds, so off we went. This strategy worked well, as the stores were still fairly quiet, and the boys felt like they were getting a 'privilege', to not be doing school work. AND we had already planned to get together with some friends this afternoon anyway, so it feels like we've had a four day weekend. Not bad :0) I'll be glad to get back to routine tomorrow, though, as the boys were getting rather rambunctious.

They settled right down for our Christmas story, "The Biggest, Best Snowman", by Margery Cuyler. Wyatt (who opened it) was a bit disappointed, as this is a much 'younger' book, but he discovered a secret message in the pictures, which piqued his interest. I think we got this book for 99 cents on a Scholastic book order! It's a great one for the smaller kids, who feel lost in the shadow of bigger kids.

Since we've accumulated more books than I wrap, I thought I would mention a few others. I quit wrapping these poetry books because, although the boys do enjoy reading/hearing them, they kind of felt disappointed if they don't unwrap an actual story. I think I like "At Christmastime" (Valerie Worth / Antonio Frasconi) as much for the woodcut illustrations as the poetry. And the illustrations in "Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" (ill. Susan Jeffers) give a little twist to the classic.

One of my boys' newer favorites (another cheap find from Scholastic!) is the silly-dilly "Where Did They Hide My Presents?", by Alan Katz and David Catrow. This is one of a series, which includes 'classics' like "Take Me out of the Bathtub", and "On Top of the Potty", and has my boys humming and giggling every time they pick it up. You'll find new (silly) words, set to familiar tunes.

"Deck the Halls" becomes "At the malls" (no parking spaces, Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma, can't we go home?) And "O Tannenbaum" is an ode to "Toy Catalogs" (toy catalogs, each morning I inspect 'em. They're volumes of, the stuff I love, that's why I must collect 'em.)

Yes, we want to keep our eyes on Jesus, and not get lost in a frenzy of activities. But, sheesh, not every moment has to be deep and meaningful!

Go ahead, think "Silver Bells" and sing...

Christmas morning
Dad is yawning
'Cause he wrapped gifts all night
There are toys piled to the ceiling
Robots can't talk
Dollies won't walk
All because Dad forgot
The one thing that we need millions of...

Batteries, batteries...

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Deborah said...

If it's any consolation, I am not a shopper either -- unless its for books. Then count me IN!!

I sent you an email with the template. If you didn't get it, let me know and I will try again.