Friday, December 19, 2008

Testosterzone #7

Part 1 - Don't Make A Scene:

Heard around my house (or, recently, on the Amtrak train):

I'm making a scene.


Wyatt, come help me make a scene!


They don't get why I laugh.

Part 2 - Yes, I Know What My Kids Are Doing:

I mentioned that we live on a hill that is Very Popular for Sledding. Well, after five days of snow, one of our town's two sanding trucks finally made it to our hill. The driver ignored the boys attempt to wave them off and proceeded up the hill, under a barrage of snow-balls. (Yes, I spoke to the boys about that.)

Not easily deterred, the boys have rounded up several neighborhood kids, plastic sleds (for scooping), and shovels, and are diligently working to cover up all the sand. If only they would work that hard for me!

Part 3 - Hurray for husbands

Mine just phoned from the grocery store (to clarify if corn muffin mix is, indeed, the same as corn bread mix). Apparently the local grocery store is a big convention of men, with shopping lists from their wives.

Part 4 - No Sign of the Tooth Fairy Yet

That tooth has taken on a life of its own.

In case you couldn't see it, in all its glory, here's a close-up.



Deborah said...

You crack me up! I'm glad to see it worked.

Too bad about the tooth, but I'm lovin' his blue blue eyes!!

Good DVD's or computer games. We're pretty picky here, so I usually recommend a title or two when throwing out this suggestion.

Julie said...

Thanks again for the help :0)

I'm sooooo not technologically hip.