Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Deborah tagged me for another reading challenge...

Who is your all-time favorite author and why?

Oh boy.
He wrote the Bible.

Who was your first favorite author and why?

Hmmm. As a child I loved the "Little House" books, so I could say Laura Ingalls Wilder. But I think I liked "Tom Sawyer" and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" even better, so maybe Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain. I read more Bobbsey Twin books than I care to admit, but Laura Lee Hope was undoubtedly the pen name for many authors, so I won't count "her"!

Do you still consider him/her to be among your favorites?

Well, I've read the "Little House" books to my boys, but not any of the others. No... I have new favorites now :0)

Who is/are the most recent additions to your favorites?

Funny that Deborah mentioned Sally Clarkson. She has written several books I'm enjoying and plan to re-read regularly (The Mission of Motherhood, The Ministry of Motherhood, Our 24 Family Ways, Educating the Whole-hearted Child, etc.) And I also enjoy James Herriott, which Deborah mentioned :o)

For fiction, I've read several books by Jamie Langston Turner. Yes, she writes Christian fiction, but her books are not:

A. About the Amish,
B. Completely predictable or
C. Simplistically solved in unrealistic scenarios.

Our book club just read "Hannah Coulter", by Wendell Berry, and now I want to read more of his.

For fiction AND non-fiction, CS Lewis (who doesn't love Narnia?).

For writing style that absolutely transports me, Isak Dinesen (Karen von Blixen-Finecke).

I'm supposed to tag more people, but - being Christmas - I'm not. Have fun with it, if you want!


Deborah said...

Ah! And yet more books that I need to read. Oh, and I read a lot of Bobbsey Twin books too.

I hope you have a wonderful Christ filled Christmas!

Linda said...

I couldn't find the Turner books in the library, but it was worth a try.

Julie said...

Oh, Linda, that's too bad. They're pretty cheap on Amazon (used), but the shipping to Australia might be high.

She's written a "series" (and I use that word loosely) about a community. Many of the characters overlap, but any of the books stand alone.