Friday, January 4, 2013

More Christmas

Some of Tate's venison has been roasting in the crock-pot all day, so I have a few minutes to try to pick up the slack here...

We used to have a Christmas party almost every year, but with the boys' activities, Tuba Christmas, Messiah, and everything else, some years it's just too much.  But this seemed like a do-able year, for reasons I don't begin to understand ;D  

I can manage a few hot drinks, and we already had plenty of cookies...

... all we needed were the neighbors...

... and friends...

... and relatives.

I don't know, I think we had about thirty people?  The lady in the first picture, on the couch, is the one that just lost her husband.  I'm glad she came out to socialize :D

And, our little chapel held its annual children's program, once again very low-key because once again the able mom who directs is pregnant ;D

All the kids participate, right up through high school.

I love how Gunnar, a wise-man, felt it necessary to lower his beard while he read his lines.
It's hard to see it here, but he specially requested a blue and gold teapot I have, to use as his gift.

You can see it better in this older picture, when Tate carried it.

I'm not the only one who thinks Wyatt has a "radio voice".

We had a very majestic star, shining over the manger...

 ... though the shepherds kept us grounded.  I would've thought the one in the middle would've had the hardest time behaving up there, but not so.  He may have been a bit stoic, but his fellow shepherd (on the right) became obsessed with his fingers and went through all manner of little games until he decided to wave to everyone.

Oh well.

I seriously doubt it was a silent night anyway!


Crystal in Lynden said...

So cute, the pic of your 3 boys. Brought a big smile to my face!

The dB family said...

The children's program is always fun. I confess though that we haven't gone for the last two years. Our church always has a dinner first and truthfully I do not enjoy that part as we have a large family and always end up just sitting together with us and the kids. We can do that at home. Give it another year or two and maybe we'll start going again.

I'm still amazed at how much your boys have grown this year. Wow!