Monday, December 31, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, December 31, 2012

Outside my window...  the snow is above us, but down here?  Lots of brown.  And it's cold, just above freezing.

Hearing...  the timer, reminding me to go check my ham and bean soup.

Thinking...  cannot believe how 2012 has flown, and so many changes for us!  Wyatt going to public school part-time and driving, Gunnar growing like crazy, Tate's implant (!!!) and the improvement in his hearing, and a new niece!  Lots of fun :D

Praying...  friends with health issues, a neighbor who just lost her husband, and for good family relationships and growth in 2013.

Thankful...  for good neighborhood friends, coming here tonight to celebrate.

Wearing...  blue jeans, warm stripey socks, white t-shirt, and a purple sweater (yay for Value Village).

Creating...  plans for the last couple days of break.

Going...  to get our next school week organized - to get us back 'in the groove'.

Reading...  Shepherding A Child's Heart.  I gave it to my brother for Christmas and decided I was due for a re-read too.

Looking forward to...  two trips to Children's Hospital in the next two weeks - Tate is (finally!) getting a new hearing aid, for his right ear.  Hallelujah.

In the kitchen...  our neighbors gave us a ham for Christmas (woo-hoo!) and I cooked down the bone for broth last night, and the soup is bubbling away now.

In the learning rooms...  silence :D  We all had a great break.

Around the house...  
bye bye, Christmas...

... hello winter :D

The boys, of course, are hoping for snow, but you can probably guess what's in the forecast...

The Mother Load...  oh boy.  I've been neglecting a few things...  like balancing the checkbook, really deep-cleaning upstairs, mailing a couple of not-quite-Christmas gifts, hemming some pants for Gunnar, letting down some pants for Wyatt and Tate, and hauling another load off to consignment and Goodwill.  The closet is over-flowing!

Noticing that...   Gunnar and I went for a walk this morning, through the woods behind our house.  The trails are popular and we often see joggers or other walkers.  Today we noticed on the far-back trail, someone has decorated four little Christmas trees - lovely :D

Something fun to share... 

I think she might be Gunnar's favorite Christmas 'present'!

A favorite quote for today... 

When you do stuff, stuff gets done.

One of my favorite things...  bright light, coming in the windows.

A Bible verse...  from the header, I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.  3 John 1:4

A few plans for the rest of the week...  we're having a little party tonight - all the usual suspects, having company for lunch tomorrow, launching back into school on Wednesday (along with a visit to the orthodontist), and down to Seattle on Thursday to see Tate's HA audiologist (he has a whole separate team for his CI).  Lots to juggle...

A peek into my world...  there may not be any snow outside, but it's wintery inside!


melanie said...

Happy New Year, Grasshoppers!

Choate Family said...

Love "Shepherding a Child's Heart". I think it's time for me to read it again, too!

The dB family said...

Did I ever show you my penguin? I fell so in love with yours that when I saw the critter I have I had to get him. It helps he was 70% off. Sounds like you had a great albeit busy week!