Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tea, Friends, and Busy-ness

I think I get just as excited for Christmas as my kids do :D  I love the anticipation and the activities. I love candles, and carols and cookies.  And - no - I wasn't trying to think of "c" words, it just came out that way.  But, like nearly everyone else, I have to fight back the tendency to let myself get overbooked, overcomplicated, and overwhelmed.

But some invitations aren't a burden - these friends, they restore your soul.

My friend, Danyale, invited me to come have some Christmas tea.

You all know I'm not a prissy, raised-pinky, girly-girl.  No fear of that, though ;D

Danyale - and her home - are warm and inviting.

She and her SIL Hosanna, had prepared a beautiful and delicious welcome.

But I think the table looks even better with these kind faces around it :D
(Can you guess which three are expecting?!)

We talked, we sang, we prayed, we feasted...

... and had our Christmas tea, with our sisters in the Lord.

* Happy sigh. *

And as I headed home through farms and fields, the snow began falling on the flocks of snow geese.


Felicity said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

dlefler said...

What a gorgeous home - I love warm, inviting places! I am looking forward to Saturday, when the busyness of the season will calm down. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the boys and then we can all breathe deeply and relax!

The fellowship must have been wonderful. Your outdoor picture looks so similar to our area of the country - very dark and dreary, but with snow expected SOON!

Choate Family said...

Sweet, friendly faces are always the best decorations!

The dB family said...

Sounds like a perfectly festive afternoon! Your friend's home looks wonderfully cozy.