Monday, December 3, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, December 3, 2012.

Outside my window... cloudy, but not as rainy today.  It's felt like monsoon season the last few days!

Hearing...  silence.  Tate and Gunnar have finished their schoolwork and gone to play at the neighbors', and Wyatt is finishing a history test.

Thinking (giggling) ...  at church yesterday I found a birthday card in my mailbox.  Isn't that sweet?  But my birthday is in June.  Even sweeter?  It said  Happy 40th!

Praying...  for lots of grace this week.

Thankful...  we have so many books... (they're piled everywhere).

Creating...  confusion?  So much to get done!

Going...  to dress rehearsal for Messiah tonight.

Reading...  about Japan, with Tate and Gunnar.

Looking forward to...  Christmas break!

In the kitchen...  I made brown rice and baked turkey taquitos for lunch - yum!

In the learning rooms...  Commodore Perry, converting fractions to decimals to percents, reading about rodents, the Battle of Hastings,  bunraku puppet theater, the Magna Carta, the quadratic equation, and the Crusades.

Around the house...  mostly decorated for Christmas :D

The Mother Load...  off the charts right now.  I won't burden you with the details, except...

I'll be making my third trip (in a week) to Wally World on my way to rehearsal tonight.  Time and tide may wait for no man, and a house with three boys can't wait for a new vacuum cleaner.  (Does that make any sense?  I'm a bit tired...)  I was vacuuming yesterday when I saw a bright flash.  For a brief instant I thought it was lightning, but the hot smell and the strange sound convinced me otherwise.  I let myself hope that the vacuum was just clogged and I could sort it out, but the way all the lights in the house dimmed when I turned it on again convinced me otherwise.  That was a bit... scary.

Noticing that...  boys in their early teens give new meaning to the phrase,
A bull in a china shop.  

Something to remember for later...  trees always look smaller in the field than they do once you get them into the house.

Something fun to share...  here's a hint... more pics later:

One of my favorite things...  coming next summer, three chapel babies - Good News! :D

A Bible verse...  Be strong and courageous and do the work...  1 Chronicles 28:20

A few plans for the rest of the week... shopping and rehearsal tonight,
Recruiting Day at the HS tomorrow (helping Wyatt and Tate with this) and then CAP,
Wednesday (normal???),
Thursday - King Tut and maybe pick up my niece for the weekend,
Friday - watch Naomi for the weekend, Friday evening - Messiah,
Saturday - Tuba Christmas and Messiah,
Sunday - church, and breeeaaathe.

A peek into my world...


Crystal in Lynden said...

That birthday must have been for me. I turn 40 in 2 days. :-)

Q said...

OMGosh - yes, they look SO much smaller in the forest! We made a family rule - we must be able to join hands around the tree, if not, it's too big. Never thought there could be a Christmas tree 'too big', until the first year we cut fresh. Was SO thankful for that skylight in the ceiling! LOVE IT! :)

Choate Family said...

We could use some of that rain, friend. Send it our way! Our tree is small this year, because when you pay by the foot, well, it needs to be small :-) We don't have very many ornaments anyway!

melanie said...

I hear ya - my vacuum burned up just a few weeks ago. I bought a replacement within 48 hours. An awesomely BRIGHT orange one. wowsa.

Have a great week!

Jena Webber said...

OH, you have snow! We had short sleeves on today! I.e. NO snow. It's bound to snow sooner or later. What fun at your home. charts! and decor! Wish I could visit for lunch.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading our blog for a while and am considering getting a cochlear implant.
I would love to contact you but I can't find an email address to do so privately.