Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Like the dedicated Christmas tree purists that we (some of us) are,
we headed out the first Sunday in December to find the perfect fir for the living room.
One of us, who might remain nameless if he's lucky,
grumbles and complains
and would grab the first scrubby bush he comes to,
throw it on top of the 4Runner,
and hurry home to lunch.

Fortunately, calmer heads prevail ;D

These are my seekers.

I have to admit it felt like more of a challenge this year.
Seems like the trees were trimmed into a narrower-than-usual shape,
and I wanted a big fat one.
So we kept hiking...
all over the tree farm,
through mud and mushrooms,
dodging a few rain showers.

There was even talk about the mythical perfect tree being over there,
up that ridge, under the rainbow...

... but as getting there would've required negotiating this less-than-helpful underpass,
we declined, and continued our search,


The perfect tree!  Okay, perfect for us, anyway :D

While Kerry sawed away at the base of the trunk, I took a moment to look at the boys...

I know I'm kind of biased, but I think they're getting pretty handsome.

Wyatt spelled Kerry at the saw,
just in time to  get in the picture and "steal the glory" ;D

Then, good heavens, where's the 4Runner, anyway?

Funny thing about trees...
they always look so small, out at the tree farm...

... especially all bundled up...

... until...


... the tree pops out of its wrappings,
and it's kind of big...

... and kind of wonderful :D


dlefler said...

I love Christmas Tree hunting. Dennis is the one who has to do the "heavy lifting," so I suspect he isn't as enthusiastic.

Last year, we bought a tree that looked SO little on the tree lot - and got it home and had to cut off the top 2 feet because it wouldn't fit in our living room!

This year, we overcompensated and got a smaller tree.. that ended up being really LITTLE in our living room. Oops.

melanie said...


I was a Scrooge and stayed home from the hunt this year... and they came home with a tree so big Tim doesn't know how he will get it OUT of the house {and yes, the top broke off on the ceiling} :o

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Leah, it's so hard to tell, out there in the woods!

Melanie - you're so right. When we bring them in they're all fresh and springy, but trying to take them back out... stiff and dead... sometimes we've had to cut some limbs off inside the house. Ugh!

Ann said...

Absolutely gorgeous tree!!! And you might be biased, but you're also right - they are quite the handsome gentlemen!