Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Brain Dump and Random Bits


It's 7:42am and I already feel overwhelmed.  Hence, a Brain Dump is in order.  You know why I call it a Brain Dump?  Because structuring paragraphs is just too much effort, but a numbered list?  That I can manage.

1.  The calm before the storm.  That's what one of the boys said at breakfast, because today (and today only! - in best infomercial voice) the only place I have to go is to pick up Wyatt at the HS at 10:40.  Tomorrow the flurry hits.  And it's a flurry full of good things, but I still feel like I need to brace myself for the storm.

2.  My email.  I've not displayed my 'real' email on the blog because it has my last name in it.  When the kids were smaller I was a lot more concerned about our privacy, though anyone really determined could probably figure out who and where we are.  With the bazillions of blogs out there, I'm probably too paranoid.  I mean, it's not like we're in the witness protection program or anything.

But, to maintain the illusion of privacy, I opened a new email address under the oh-so-catchy name herdinggrasshoppers.  (Now where have I heard that before???)  You can email me at
herdinggrasshoppers @ yahoo . com     without the spaces.

The catch is, I'm not used to checking that on a regular basis.  I'm trying to get into the habit, but if you email me and I don't respond, you might leave me a comment (which I won't publish), prodding me to check the email.

Or I might just be swamped with daily life, and slow to devote time to email.

Because this post will eventually get buried, I put a new tab up above with the email address in it.

3.  Christmas linkys.  And speaking of tabs... if you're interested in some of the things the Grasshopper family likes to do around Christmas, I've linked to several posts under the Christmas tab, up above.

4.  Advent fail.  It's only December 5th and we're already falling behind.  Hoping to have a big round-up of catching up this evening, as I think we'll all be home (sound the trumpets and rejoice!)  I think the boys are keeping up on their candy strips, but we're a day behind in devotions, and haven't read a Christmas book since Saturday.  Oh, the humanity.

We're trying a new set of advent devotions this year - I downloaded a freebie from Ann Voskamp.  Has anyone else used these?  There are things I'm liking (hanging the ornaments each night, to jog our memories later) and things I'm not.  For one thing, her poetic language is a distraction to me and my grammatically trained boys.  I find myself editing as I read.  Also, there aren't any questions.  I like devotions with questions that draw the others in.  This feels more monologue-y.  I've added in a Christmas carol each night as well.  I want the boys to know the traditional carols :D  Nobody will ever confuse us with the von Trapp family, but I love hearing the boys sing... even tone-deaf ;D

5.  The Mother Load..... is assuming epic proportions.  I am devoting a full-size notebook page for each of the next eight days.  Know why?

Today - get as much schoolwork done as possible, because we are all HOME!
Thursday - Wyatt goes to HS and we homeschool until 10:30, then we head to Seattle to see King Tut.  On our way home we pick up my five-month-old niece, who is staying with us for the weekend.
Friday - watch Naomi, make treats to take to concert, deliver Naomi to her grandparents for the evening, and then first performance of Messiah
Saturday - pack up baby and boys and go to the shopping maul for Tuba Christmas, grab a quick lunch, and then back to neighboring town for second performance of Messiah
Sunday - get family to church, where we are responsible for the treats (oh yeah, make treats ahead of time)
Monday - breathe in and out, get schoolwork done...
Tuesday - CAP "Dining Out" - the annual, formal banquet with the cadets and senior members.  A Really Big Deal.
Wednesday - host the church youthgroup for dinner and activities (must come up with some fun, Christmas-themed games, like Christmas Carol Pictionary, etc. and with food for 10-12 growing teenage bodies.)

See what I mean?  It's all good.  But it's all a lot.

Maybe not to some of you.  Some of you bustle along at a much more vigorous pace than I do!  But we'll get through it :D

I keep casting longing glances at the verse in the sidebar...  My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest... and wondering if I'll see that, this side of heaven.  Wish me luck!


Choate Family said...

Why do we do this to ourselves with our crazy schedules this time of year?!? Trying to focus on God's gift of Jesus and that He is in control of my time and me :-)

Anonymous said...

"Peaceful"? "Undisturbed"? Pray tell, what are these words? I have not heard of them before . . .

The Hibbard Family said...

That's exactly how I felt through yesterday. Today I'm breathing. And Doug's not feeling well. Thankful for a bit of a breather. Praying for you in the coming days!

dlefler said...

We get insanely busy during the Christmas season. All of the activities and Matthew's birthday keep us hopping. I love all of it, but it is BUSY!

I am looking forward to the week before Christmas, because things usually slow down for us then (kids are out of school, all the "work" is done by then).