Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuba Christmas 2012

As we headed home from King Tut, Thursday night, we stopped at my brother and SIL's and picked up little Naomi for the weekend.  On top of everything else we had going on, we had a five-month old to include!

Fun times ;D

Actually, she's a delight to have around.  Everyone helps and Gunnar, in particular, dotes on her.  We bundled her up Saturday morning and took her along with us to experience the low brass glory of her first Tuba Christmas.

I love watching the woman that conducts the event here.  Carla Rutschman (hope I spelled her name right!) is a hoot - she's a music professor (a doctor, to be precise) at WWU, where she specializes in low brass.  I've heard she has a all-tuba band that goes by the name Heavy Metal.  Clearly, she enjoys her work and brings a lot of fun to an already quirky event.

Seems like we get more tubas (and low brass) each year - I couldn't get them all in one picture!

And I love the mix of ages that get involved, from these middle school students, studiously tooting away...

... to the more "senior" members, many of whom also play with a local alumni band.

The traditional carols put everyone in a festive mood :D

Even my boys all wear their Santa hats :D

Although Gunnar must have gotten too warm holding Naomi with Grandpa and Grandma.  (The photo is at an odd angle - Grandpa was holding her head up, not pushing her over!)

Everyone had a fun time :D

Though one little concert-goer got a bit sleepy...

 Who knew that tubas were lullaby material?!  Love the spit bubbles...


dlefler said...

I love Tuba Christmas. Especially since Tubas put babies to sleep (must remember that - might come in handy some day)!

Felicity said...

She's just too cute! I love that Gunnar dotes on her.

Choate Family said...

Way to go! Introduce that girl to music now, and in a few years she'll be taking over your Messiah solos :-)