Friday, April 4, 2014

Blitz Week - Day 4 and 5

No pics today... but OH MY GRACIOUS I wish I had a before and after of the family room.  Because it pretty much looked like a Lego store had exploded in there.  And it could look that way again in about five minutes.  *sigh*  But they make the mess, they can clean it up.

I'm LOVING this spring break.  In part because we're getting so much done (yay, minions!) and also...
I haven't cooked dinner once.
Wyatt and Tate each cooked once, Gunnar is on deck for tonight, we got pizza on Tuesday (because Little Ceasars is only FIVE BUCKS a pizza on Tuesday, and I can hardly feed the whole family from scratch for ten bucks, y'know?), and last night my folks had us up.  They're so good to us :D  Had a fabulous dinner (orange chicken and egg rolls) and watched the Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate.

Also yesterday some friends from church invited Gunnar to go along with them to Mindport.  It's a hard place to describe - part science center, part art, part play... all very hands-on.  And budget-friendly!  He had a ball, and I was so glad they were able to come by and visit for an hour or so afterwards.  With as hard as we're all working this week, I'm glad for some rewards along the way for all of us!

And work hard we did...

1.  Finished painting in the arch
2.  Touch-up painting in the bathroom
3.  Cut up the hemlock branch from earlier (so it will fit in Grandpa's truck)
4.  Vacuumed (again) around the arch where Wyatt sanded
5.  Cleaned the inside of the windows all over the house
6.  Wiped off the tops (ledges) of door frames, window frames, and picture frames anywhere we hadn't yet
7.  Disinfected all doorknobs and light switchplates

8.  Cleaned and inventoried "cabzilla" (kitchen pantry)
9.  Emptied every single cupboard and drawer in the kitchen, wiped out, and replaced/reorganized
10. Really cleaned out under the sink
11. Cleaned in/around/under the big corner lazy susans.
12. Cleaned the glass in all the cabinets in the kitchen
13. Cleaned out the "china cabinet" cupboards
14. Cleaned out the window sills (yuck)
15. Cleaned the ledge up above the kitchen cupboards (double yuck)
16. Emptied and cleaned the refrigerator
17. Repotted and "rehung" a vining plant around the kitchen window
18. Strung lights up through the vine
19. Sorted about half of my recipes (still working on that project)
20. Cleaned kitchen and bathroom light fixtures
21. Cleaned appliance fronts
22. Cleaned off the top of the fridge
23. Cleaned counter-tops and sink
24. Cleaned garbage disposal
25. Swept

26. Picked up Lego explosion (!)
27. Tidied the closet
28. Organized the Lego tubs
29. Fixed the curtain (rehung)
30. Cleaned the tops of all the bookshelves (hard to reach)
31. Organized all the DVDs
32. Wiped down the baseboard heater (the only one in the house)
33. Dusted every surface we could
34. Vacuumed all over and even in the corners

35.  Inventoried the big freezer
36.  Stored winter coats
37.  Fixed the shredder and caught up on shredding
38.  Sorted the bins of hats and gloves
39. Washed the walls and doors (gross)
40.  Cleaned off the top of the big freezer (double gross)
41.  Emptied/wiped/resorted the cupboards
42.  Tidied boot/shoe storage
43.  Swept

There are still some fiddly little things (like sorting through all of Tate's HA and CI accessories) that still need to be done.  And then there's the master bedroom to sort through, but I really don't want the boys' help with that!  And my office... the staging area... needs some serious attention.  Tomorrow.  Or maybe later today.  I should get outside and weed if it doesn't start raining again.

The boys are going to be spreading gravel for a friend this afternoon (she's paying them!) so we wrapped up before lunch today.

And YOU!  If you actually read all the way through our chore lists you deserve a reward.  Or maybe some professional counseling ;D  At any rate, enjoy your weekend!  I'm off to make lunch for the minions.  Ta-daaaa!


melanie said...

You just amaze me, that's all.

Well done, you. {minions included}

And did I read the whole list? Of course! and I'm tempted to bookmark and come back for inspiration when we actually do some Spring Cleaning around here! oh, speaking of... Tim showed me how to remove the glass shade(s) from the dining room light fixture. Sooo I guess that's happening TODAY I think I can, I think I can...

Rebecca D said...

You are so inspiring! I seriously need to do a through spring cleaning... If spring would only come... Still no green here but most of our "dirty snow" has finally gone!
In other news... Paul's suitcase came today... I am starting to get REALLY excited to come visit!!