Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Brain Dump

The week is flying by.  

1.  I had my interview-that-was-more-like-an-audition on Tuesday evening - teaching a sample class for adults.  We'll have to see what pans out.  

In our county we have LOTS of homeschoolers.  Some families want to continue homeschooling, but as their kids get older, they have one or two subjects they either don't fell confident in, or don't enjoy teaching, or (?) For whatever reason, they want to "sub out" that subject to someone else.

Technically, that's tutoring.  But if you group a few tutors together, with a few students each, it's a sort-of-kind-of-almost-but-not-exactly a school.  Usually four to ten students per teacher.  Group tutoring.  Not accredited.  Not under the control or supervision of the government, so free to teach from a Biblical perspective.

Some of my friends' kids attend ZLO and I've always heard great things, but we've never taken any classes there.  But they're looking for more teachers, so I've offered to teach the science that I'll be doing with Gunnar next year.  Hence, the sample lesson.

If they approve me, well... then we'll just have to see if any students sign up.  I'm kind of ambivalent.  It's very comfortable to just stay home, work though Apologia's General Science with Gunnar, and stay in my comfort zone.  But Gunnar would really enjoy the interaction with the other kids and it would probably be a good challenge for me.

Whether my style of teaching is a good fit for other homeschool families remains to be seen!

2.  Our neighbors continue their quest to kill their lawn.  No, I"m not joking.
I'm thrilled at the way they've attacked the ivy - it really opens things up!

But wait, there's more...

They've spread truckload after truckload
of rocks, gravel, bark, and dirt over the grass.

On the one hand, it's THEIR YARD and I'm happy for them to do whatever they want on THEIR PROPERTY.  As I'd like to be left alone to do whatever I want on my property.  (Like cut down a tree that threatens the house, for instance.)

But on the other hand, it irks me that my tax dollars are paying for their yard work.

Yah.  The environmental-overkill liberals in our town are using our tax money to PAY homeowners to kill their lawns.

Because grass is EVIL.

I get that too much phosphorus getting in the lake is a bad thing.
But guess how many times I've fertilized my lawn.


Yah, zero.
You don't have to make sense to make legislation.

3.  With our cloudy spring skies we've had some dramatic sunsets.

The light was so warm and golden it looks kind of fall-ish,
but I took these just last Saturday.

4.  Gunnar requested I take photos of this bumblebee.

You can actually eat the flowers of this Oregon Grape if you like tart flavors!

5.  Speaking of Gunnar...  someone didn't want to get up yesterday morning.
CAP nights are kind of late.

6.  My boys - who call these things "dumb cars" - found this hilarious.

7.  Gunnar is entering his Disneyland countdown.  Less than two months until his big trip!

8.  But more immediately exciting...  Naomi, aka Cindy-Lou-Who,
is coming for a visit.

Glad to have her.
Also, anticipating that my free time will be severely reduced.

Blogging will resume when life gets back to normal.


Oh, I crack myself up.


Monica said...

Wow! The ZLO sounds great! If there was such a thing in our area I am SURE I would have homeschooled. Math and Science tend to scare me off a little.
another of government over reach! UGH!
Hope you have a great weekend!

melanie said...

Oh sad. Grass is SO not evil. :-\ Your tax dollars 'at work.' {sigh}

I hope the science co-op teaching works out for you!