Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Finale

Oh, I crack myself up.
As if we were done?

Um... only until next weekend.

After working all week, we gave the kids a break today,
but we grown-ups can't stop working.
Especially with the sun almost shining
and the yard getting so shaggy.

Mowing is just INSANE this time of year.
The grass is wet, thick, heavy, and growing like it's on steroids.
Warmer temps, longer days... I guess that is steroids for the lawn.
If that was one of the boys mowing I would've called out the window...

More overlap!

But Kerry can do it his way, even if that means lots of
sort of "popping wheelies" with the mower
to get it to chomp up the big clumps.

And yes, it really is that green.

He also decided we needed a new system
to protect the burning bushes from the deer.

I have strong suspicions that the deer will just handily stick their noses
right under the edges of the netting,
but maybe I'm wrong.

Meanwhile, our neighbors have decided to kill a bunch of their lawn.
I don't care what they do about that, but I'm SO GLAD
they also seem to be trying to kill the ivy on their fence.

Here's an old picture - you can see part of it.

Ivy is evil,
evil, I tell you!
It would like to spread into our yard,
but I pull it up.

And I was busy too...

This flower bed needed some attention.

Better, but I forgot to trim the clematis.
Next time.

And this one, right in the front of the house,
needed some serious TLC.

Much better.
Not done, but better.

I spread out some Siberian iris bulbs
(the purple/blue ones, with yellow inside)
all over where the boys weeded out Shasta daisies.

Up here, too.

The deer have been here.

But they leave my herbs alone.
And look!
My rosemary is blooming.

So, back to the routine tomorrow.
The boys are SO excited...
can you see my eyes rolling?

Maybe if I work them hard enough,
school will seem like a relaxing break...
at least that's my theory ;D

And YOU will get a break
from my endless prattling on
about the chores.

Meanwhile, we're up to the 28th day of Lent
(you don't count Sundays, you know)
and I am up to 26 bags.
I've already taken one load to Goodwill
and the consignment store,
and left a HUGE pile for the recycling truck.

And how's your Sunday going? 


Nina Craig said...

Good job!! If the net keeps the deer away, let me know! We had a low key Sunday. I made a new batch of playdoh for the kids, then Handsome and I had a date night at home. I made fajitas and he rented Return to Me. He also did a ton of dishes today. I think he's trying to woo me. ;)
Ps. It's working
<3 <3 <3

melanie said...

Oh the green green green of it all! I am sorely tempted to inquire about the cost of sodding our yard this year. But I suppose re-seeding would be more affordable. :o

Good preaching + good chats with friends + good nap = Good Sunday. :-)

Joyful Reader said...

OH I am so jealous! Yard work! Green grass, gardens! We are still getting a lot of rain so I can't get into the garden like I would like to. The yard is greening but not really growing. That's alright I guess since it is too wet to mow! :) Everything looks great at your place! I like your theory. I have used that one too. Going back to school after Christmas break was much looked forward to! :)