Monday, January 19, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, January 19, 2015

Outside my window...  cool and clear after a night full of rain.

Hearing...  a quiet house - a rare treat!

Pondering...  what an emotional weekend we've had!  Our dear, dear, young friends are leaving for Myanmar tomorrow.  Had a farewell party on Friday, then a commissioning/send-off service at church yesterday, (I was one of those asked to pray and barely managed not to cry).  We watched their relationship develop, rejoiced at their wedding, and celebrated (recent) news of an August baby on the way... and now they're flying away.  It's a GOOD thing, but a hard thing, especially for their families.  Coincidentally (or not) the sermon from Haggai centered on hard obedience.  Whew.

Then after church we headed up to my parents' to watch the Seahawks' game, which had a very discouraging first half.  Well, first three quarters, really.  And then what a comeback!  (What a nail-biter!)  Woo-hoo!  I'll definitely be breaking out the new crock-pot for the Super-Souper Bowl party ;D

Praying...  for our friends - for safe travels and a smooth adjustment.  He has lived in Myanmar before; she has not.  So far, Kerry is staying busy, but he's about to wrap up a project, so we're always praying for more work.  And for all of us to STAY HEALTHY :D

Thankful...  Well.  I had a short list of chores for the boys and me this morning.  Wouldn't have taken very long at all, with four of us working together.  Unfortunately, one boy got very mouthy and ended up doing the majority of the chores HIMSELF.  So I'm thankful that it was him (and not me!) on his hands and knees, waxing the kitchen/mudroom floor :D  (Oh, to be young again, and know EVERYTHING.)

Wearing...  blue jeans, white t-shirt, blue/green/white nordic sweater, and my new-ish Danskos (I love them!)

Creating...  finished a baby quilt and am working on some other little things to go with, so pics are coming soon.

Going...  back to choir rehearsals tonight (mostly glad, but I'm kind of a homebody, and the daylight is still so short, y'know?)

Reading...  through the LOTR books again.  It's interesting to compare the books/movies.  Though I love the movies, you just miss so much if you haven't read the books.  Lots of good wisdom in there, in spite of it being a fantasy.

Looking forward to...  February 1 ;D  We'll be watching with my parents and friends.  Oh gosh, just for fun I looked up ticket prices.  You'll need the $89.99 parking pass, then the $2090 tickets, making it TEN AND A HALF THOUSAND DOLLARS to get my family in the gate. And that's without airfare, food, or accommodation.  Not that I was seriously considering going... but good grief!

In the kitchen...  with a freshly waxed floor drying, and everyone on vacation from school (MLK Day), we all went out to lunch at the golden arches.  Since I won't be here this evening (rehearsal), everyone can make his own sandwich for dinner.

In the learning rooms...  I'm still feeling the difference of it being (mostly) just me and Gunnar.  Sure, I help Tate review for tests, and make sure he has what he needs (and knows what to do) for his experiments, but he's pretty self-directed.  Sweet :D  I'm learning more, going through it with Gunnar.

Around the house...  books, books, books, and music :D

The Mother Load...  I've started making a Spring Break list.  We got SO much done last year (and the year before) that I really intend for that to be an annual event :D  Trouble is, I think Wyatt has a different week off than the other boys.  Hmmm, he'll have to have a separate list to work on, I guess.  But for me?  Catching up on laundry (perpetual), getting info together for taxes (ugh), and plug away at some sewing projects (fun!)

Something fun to share...  with some of his Christmas money, Gunnar bought some violin music he hopes to learn - songs from the Lord of the Rings movies!  They're still beyond him (he's only learned two strings, so far, and quarter-half-whole notes), but he has something to aspire to.  He also received a book of violin pieces for Christmas from my brother and SIL with some simple, classic pieces.  I ran through them with him today, picking them out on the piano, and he really liked Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King.  (Who doesn't?)

A favorite quote for today...  
"Yet such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: Small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere."
 - Tolkien

One of my favorite things...  ah, a freshly waxed floor :D

A devotional thought...  C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

"One reason why many people find Creative Evolution so attractive is that it gives one much of the emotional comfort of believing in God and none of the less pleasant consequences.  When you are feeling fit and the sun is shining and you do not want to believe that the whole universe is a mere mechanical dance of atoms, it is nice to be able to think of this great mysterious Force rolling on through the centuries and carrying you on its crest.  If, on the other hand, you want to do something rather shabby, the Life-Force, being only a blind force, with no morals and no mind, will never interfere with you like that troublesome God we learned about when we were children.  The Life-Force is sort of tame God.  You can switch it on when you want, but it will not bother you.  All the thrills of religion and none of the cost.  Is the Life-Force the greatest achievement of wishful thinking the world has yet ever seen?"

A few plans for the rest of the week...  homeschool/school/college for the boys. CAP for the boys, rehearsal for me, music lessons, practicing for the lessons (still in its infancy, and all that that implies), and the usual round of laundry and cooking and cleaning.  And, I hope, some new sewing :D

A peek into my day...  

These piles (not in good light)...

... made up like this, and then trimmed square...

... and put together into a quilt... pics coming soon!


Monica said...

I was thinking of you all when the Seahawks won Sunday! :) I could not imagine dropping that kind of money on a football game even if I had it!
I am looking forward to spring like never before! I enjoy the early dark evenings but I also like the warmer weather. We had 63 here this weekend! Was so nice to be outside soaking up some vitamin D!
I love the bright pretty colors you pick for your quilts. Can't wait to see the finished work!
Whoot Whoot for Gunnar! The violin is such a beautiful intrument! I hope he enjoys it!

Rebecca D said...

I love you so know that as I tell you... THE SEAHAWKS ARE GOING DOWN!!!!! (Altough I am not enough of a fan to look into attending the game!)

melanie said...

I shall plead the 5th. 8-)

Moving on to quilts and violins and other things of beauty...

Joy said...

(If I were actually a football fan...) West coast vs. East Coast, eh? Is it sad to say the only reason I need to know if there is a Pats game is just to avoid the ensuing traffic over here?... :)
But anyway, I will be thinking of you when I hear the outcome of Super bowl!!!!

Choate Family said...

Love the Tolkein quote! Faithful in the small things...