Thursday, January 1, 2015

If You Give A Mom A Present...

... maybe she'll finally do that project she's been meaning to do.

We live in a old house.  I'm not complaining.  I like old houses.  They have character.
They also have... quirks.  Like a bathroom right off the kitchen.

This bathroom has a big old tub, with a window over it.  I don't know that the window ever actually connected to the outside.  When I was little, my grandpa had a little workshop on the other side of that wall.  But the workshop had an (outside-wall) window that let in light, and I guess some light filtered all the way into the bathroom.

But my grandparents remodeled that into a second bathroom, and the window went dark.  Dark gray.  A window to nothing.  So this is what I saw from the kitchen... looking into the bathroom.

And I always thought I should paint it.  When the kids were little I thought I'd paint it blue
and put fish stickers on it, like an aquarium.  
But I never did.

Later, I thought of just painting it white.  Just so it wasn't gray.
But I never did.

And then Kerry gave me a Noah's Ark Christmas present that needed a home, and BING!

So I did this Monday morning.

And that looks much better :D

And, in a burst of energy, I also made a quilt for a pregnant friend.  No pics of that yet.  I"m still sewing the binding.  

Let me revel in one completion at a time :D


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Wow, that is lovely!

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I do love old houses!