Friday, January 23, 2015

Starry Granny Squares for a Baby


And, fortunately, finished long before the baby is expected
because this one will have to be shipped to our friends in SE Asia.  

My friend and mom-to-be liked this one I made a couple years ago,
for a friend at church, but with a more focused color palette.  

Fine, but I wanted to tweak it a little, so she'd get something uniquely hers.  I had seen the granny square / sawtooth star combination done by Heather Mulder Peterson, here as a runner (you'll have to scroll down to see hers) and decided to try it.

Our friends don't know if they're having a boy or girl, but she assured me that she loves blue for girls (me too!) so I pulled some blues and turquoise along with limey greens.

Of course, the blues are my favorite :D
Each square finished at about fifteen inches, making the quilt about 45" x 45".
I tend to think of baby quilts being rectangular, to fit a crib, but this one just lent itself to being square :D

For the quilting, I was thinking of waves and a watery look.
Very non-fussy and free-form.

I went a little wild on the back and used some fabric I bought years and years ago.
I don't think the colors really show "true" in the photos (rats).
The blue is a very deep, watery turquoise and the green...

 ... granny-smith-apple green with blue and turquoise and green bubbles.
Yah, it's kind of... vibrant.  But they'll have to do all their washing by hand, and will probably use the quilt under the baby more often than over it (tropical climate!) so I wanted something that wouldn't show dirt easily.

And while this baby may not be sporting much more that a diaper most of the time, I thought a little bib might still come in handy.  Oh gosh.  The photo looks like an inferno.  It IS bright, but not terrifying.  And it won't show stains easily!

Every parents can use a couple of burp cloths
made from a cute super-absorbent towel and some blue flannel.

Since I've got a little time (baby isn't due until August) I may try to make one of these travel diaper-changing pads.  Have any of you made something like that?  Good pattern?  Or do you have a better idea?


Joyful said...

Beautiful! You did an awesome job and I know your friend will love it!

Wilma said...

Do you have a quilting machine or is this free form quilting on a regular machine? The quilt is beautiful!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks, Monica and Wilma :D
I did that on my regular machine - just meandering a bit, from side to side. Anything much bigger than this and I'll hire it out and have a friend with a long-arm do the quilting. This one was fun!


whatknotgirls crafts said...

I love this pattern. You did such a great job with those colors. This gift will be liked for sure!

melanie said...

Lovely! and fun. {as always} :D