Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Outside my window...
cool, cloudy, a few rain showers.
I don't know if we're going to get the beautiful fall colors this year.
The trees were so dry they were turning brown by the end of summer.
But maybe I"ll be pleasantly surprised.

Wyatt moving the van out of the driveway.

a friend from church gave me a huge (random!) selection of fabric.
I picked through, and let some of my sewing neighbors pick through.
Most of what I kept is flannel.
Somebody apparently made a lot of kids' jammies
back in the 70's, by the look of the stuff.
Is it dated enough to be 'vintage' and cool?
Or is it just ooooold?
Some of each, I think.
But I'm biased.
I remember the 70's.
And I have zero attraction to 70's styles.
But a variety of floral flannels?
Well, I do currently know THREE moms that are expecting...

for Kerry to continue to be busy with (paying) work :D,
for the boys as they adjust to a new school year,
for friends in Myanmar adjusting to life with a baby,
and for me... to do things well.

for a stuffed-full freezer :D
No, it's not hunting season yet,
but I did make a Costco run recently ;D

jeans, white t-shirt, blue and gold "aloha" shirt,
because it's cool enough for layers, but I'm not ready to let go of summer quite yet!

to pick up Tate from school,
to get caught up on laundry,
(I can dream, can't I?)
and to make a plan for some of the flannel.

between books right now.
Really enjoyed Calling Me Home, by Julie Kibler.
Early 1940's, a white young lady and a black young man fall in love...

Looking forward to...
so much going on for us this fall!

In the kitchen...
CAP tonight messes up "family dinner",
so hurray for leftovers :D

In the learning rooms...
Gunnar is working more independently (hurray!)
but I need to remind myself to keep up on checking his and Tate's work.

Tate is taking three classes at the high school -
Spanish 2, Geometry, and Algebra 2.
At home he's doing Chemistry, Government, Economics, and some English.
His writing skills are good, so I'm having him read a book a month to either write about or discuss with me.  So far he's read What Is Creation Science (Morris) - part of his science course, What He Must Be (Voddie Baucham), and he's working on The World-Tilting Gospel (Dan Phillips.)

Gunnar continues to work on language, through a variety of resources.  He's also doing Physical Science, Algebra, and US History this year.  My last year of a full-time homeschool student!

Around the house...
Every time I hit that prompt it reminds me that I haven't taken any photos of the new window!
Must do that!
Because, of course, the world hangs on my updates... *eyes rolling*

The Mother Load...
I really should take a photo of all the flannel - it's all over my work table!
That's a fun item on the Mother Load.
The rest of it I'll leave for another day ;D

Noticing that...
after waiting years and years,
it's happening again :D

Something to remember for later...
how Gunnar still tries to sneak up behind me when I'm at the computer
and always seems shocked that I heard him coming.

One of my favorite things...
that he still tries.

A Bible verse...
How good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell together in unity.
Psalm 133:1

(Boys: take note.)

A few plans for the rest of the week...
CAP for the boys,
Gunnar has a violin lesson,
meeting a friend for lunch,
schooling and sewing.

A peek into my world...

Mt. Baker

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