Monday, September 28, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, September 28, 2015

Outside my window...  last night

... so, YES, we saw the eclipse.  Did you?  So thankful for the clear skies!

Hearing...  boys cleaning up from lunch, Tate heading out to mow the neighbor's lawn, and the dryer tumbling.  Because, If you do stuff, stuff gets done.

Pondering...  when does it get easier?

Praying...  my friend in Myanmar having post-childbirth complications, our pastor recovering from a tonsillectomy (oh, how I remember!), continuing work for Kerry, and me... I feel like I'm surfing a huuuuuge wave and if I lose focus for a moment it will break on me.  Chaos.

Thankful...  NEXT WEEK I get to make two families of online friends IN REAL LIFE friends!  Can't wait :D

Wearing...  jeans, long-sleeve layer under turquoise t-shirt, socks, blue Vans, because comfy :D  Plus, this morning I had to have my annual Cram-o-Gram.  It was smashing.
Oh, I crack myself up.

Going...  to discuss Gunnar's (school) reading with him, to take Tate to work, and then off to Messiah rehearsal.

Reading...  The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers.  I enjoy her books, but I have to space them out - very similar to each other.

Learning...  I've never joined the PTA/PTSA or any other parent group at school.  (Now, Moms In Touch?  That's a different story.)  But this appealed to me, from  Dee Wise Heinz, here

Looking forward to...  flying to Arkansas :D

In the kitchen...  pork roast for dinner tonight.  The boys want dessert, but I am reluctant to make anything because, well... clearly, cookie dough isn't safe around me.

In the learning rooms...  Gunnar ought to be finishing up his reading and practicing for his violin lesson tomorrow.  Tate is done for the day and out mowing.

Around the house...  it's suspiciously quiet.  If you have boys, you'll know what I mean.

The Mother Load...  Lord have mercy, let's not talk about that just now.  I'm wishing for a despachante.

Noticing that...  someone named Brad Panovich, in Massachusetts, has a good eye for cloud animals...

A favorite quote for today...  on our way to and from church we drive by a Grange Hall with a sign board out front.  For a month it said this:
Laughter is the best medicine
Unless you have diarrhea.

Stay classy.

One of my favorite things...  I found a new tea I like for in the evenings (no caffeine).

I'm not making any claims about the "stress relief" they promise, but it sure tastes good :D

A Bible verse...  1 Chronicles 28:20

Be strong and courageous and do the work...

A few plans for the rest of the week...
* Monday - homeschool, cram-o-gram, Tate mows neighbor's lawn, take Tate on errands and to work, Messiah rehearsal
* Tuesday - homeschool, Gunnar's violin lesson, Tate mows another neighbor's lawn, boys to CAP
* Wednesday - homeschool, Tate and Gunnar do yard work for an elderly couple from church, Wyatt works
* Thursday - homeschool, Tate's dentist appointment, take Tate to work, Wyatt works
* Friday - homeschool (working ahead because I'll be away), Wyatt works
* Saturday - Wyatt works, Gunnar has a b'day party, Game Night at the chapel
* Sunday - church, teach Sunday school, breeeeeaaaathe...

A peek into my world...  in a sermon recently, Pastor Bert said

when trouble swirls around you

but what Kerry heard was

when troubled squirrels surround you.

We giggled about that all the way home.  And I found this poor fellow:

On the other hand, here is a squirrel out my window,
clearly NOT troubled.

So how's your week looking?

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Ann said...

Oh my goodness - what a great laugh for the morning! Cram-o-gram! (Mine was a couple of weeks ago, and yep, that fits perfectly!)

Can't believe it's next week! Can't wait!