Saturday, September 5, 2015


It's a Scatterday sort of Saturday.
Tate's at work.
Kerry, Wyatt, Gunnar and some of Kerry's family are off hiking.
And I'm working on an as-yet unreveal-able project.  :D
And making cookies and baking potatoes - enormous potatoes.

1.  Civil Air Patrol
So, recently this happened:

This is Wyatt, promoting at CAP,
and me trying to pin his new insignia on correctly.
It's probably crooked, but he can fix it later
Congrats to our new Chief Master Sergeant.

He still has to salute his younger brother, Second Lieutenant Tate,
but if Wyatt would just keep the momentum going,
he could "catch up" by the end of the year.

Except that Tate is already working on his next promotion.
But we won't mention that.

2.  Weren't the '50's fabulous?

Well, I wouldn't know because I wasn't around yet,
but there's this...

I'm just dying to know what the big steering wheel was for.

3.  Fire and Ice

Yes, we've had an unusually hot and dry summer,
accompanied by huge, destructive wildfires, but then,
this morning,

from the Mt. Rainier webcams.

These are at Sunrise (elevation over 6000'),
so not something I'm seeing out my window ;D

Welcome to Washington.


RogersUIO said...

We were at Sunrise a few weeks ago and there was no snow within our walking range. The pictures today look beautiful though! Maybe we brought the warm weather back south with us. :)

Choate Family said...

Wow! Quite a conglomeration of smiles you brought me on that post. We're still sweating in the 90's down here :-)

Ann said...

I showed the girls the computer picture. Olivia said, "I wonder what the big steering wheel is for?" Then we both laughed when I scrolled down and saw your comment. :D

Ah...snow. Joanna and I were just sharing our disappointment yesterday because we were supposed to have a cool down the second half of this week, but Thursday's high is now back up over 90. Oh well.