Monday, August 31, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, August 31, 2015

Outside my window...
after all my going on and on (and on) about our dry, sunny summer,
we appear to have jumped right over September directly to October.
What a crazy weekend!
Rain!  Wind!  Stormy weather!
Lots of people still don't have power (we do)
and there are leaves, branches, and whole trees down all over the county.

the dryer.
No hanging laundry out today, too rainy.

mentally switching gears from laid-back-summer-mode
to get-in-the-swing-of-things fall.
Don't tell the boys I like it ;D

that work continues to come in for Kerry,
for the fires and firefighters,
for my boys to become responsible and wise.
Nothing is impossible with God.

oh so very thankful we took out the big tree
in our front yard years ago.
Had we not, we surely would've had branches
right though our brand new living room windows.
The only damage we took from the storm was
a gate in the back fence that blew off.
Fixable :D

gray sweats, white shirt, blue crocs.
Try to control your envy ;D

to make a cup of tea :D

just finished A Fall of Marigolds,
and  - MOM! - you should read it.
You'll like it.

Looking forward to...
not going anywhere the rest of the day.
Cozy :D

In the kitchen...
just made crunch wraps for lunch,
so probably something low-key for dinner.
As if crunch wraps were really complicated and impressive.
But still...
Maybe Skadi stew and salad.

In the learning rooms...
Tate is busily working away at his public and homeschool work.
Public school started on Wednesday (last week),
but we've just launched into homeschool.
Gunnar is finishing up his US history reading,
which we'll soon discuss.
Because he loooooves answering all the discussion questions.

Around the house...
just waiting for Kerry to get a piece of ceiling trim up so I can
reclaim my living room and dining room.
Sooooo ready to make fall appear,
candles and all :D

The Mother Load...
* hem dress blues (CAP uniform) pants for Gunnar
* sew around top of beach bag
* divide lilies and mont brecia
* spread top soil in flower beds
* process new books into home library
* help Wyatt research electives to make his AA work toward a Criminal Justice certificate
* get birthday ideas from Tate
* plan first few Sunday School lessons
* menu plan (have often thought this, but never followed through - we'll see)
* deep clean, move furniture, decorate living/dining room (pending Kerry...)
* help boys set up charging stations for their tech stuff not in the kitchen
* email out Thanksgiving invite
* finish a sewing project (!!!)

Noticing that...
is Gunnar actually my height now?

A favorite quote for today...
I know how cheese works.
 - Tate

One of my favorite things...
when the boys all work hard together
(like cleaning up our elderly neighbors' lawn after the windstorm).

A Bible verse...
One thing I ask from the Lord,
this only do I seek;
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
to gaze on the beauty of the Lord
and to seek Him in His temple.
Psalm 27:4

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Wyatt and Tate each work several days this week,
and Kerry's dad and his wife will be coming into town for a few days.
Now there's some motivation for Kerry to get that trim up!

A peek into my world...

Our house, about 1902.

Our house, spring 2014.

Pics of new front window still coming...


Ann said...

I love the old and new pictures of the house. What a treasure!

Joyful said...

Of course when it cools down for you it heats up for me!😕 it has turned hot and humid here.
How cool to see pictures of your home way back then. Hope you get in

Joyful said...

Oops! Into your fall routine. Your boys are going to be fine men. No worries momma!😁

Mrs. Doug said...

The people in the 1902 picture, are they your family? The house LOOKS smaller now, but I can see where it's been added onto. I love the color of your house now.

Sounds like you're all ready for the school year. I'm still lamenting the ending of summer.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Monica - sorry it's hot and humid for you!

I love our old (but much-remodeled) house. And yes, those are relatives. I have another copy of the photo with names for most of them. Lots of Gilfilens.

Mrs. Doug, it probably looks smaller because the photos are from different angles :D

Choate Family said...

Yep, I love the fall routine, too! Thankfully, my whole family thrives on the routine, no matter what time of yea it is.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Grasshopper Momma. Your house looks so beautiful, and the 1902 photo is intriguing -- can tell the history behind it (and your house)? Or maybe you have already on blog -- if so, can you point me to it?

Thanks a bunch. You're talented and fun, BTW.