Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Think the Switch Got Flipped

Because Sunday (let me refresh your/my memory)...

... registered about 90 degrees.

But the next week's forecast?  All mid-70s.  And the trees are


which - HELLO, IT IS STILL AUGUST - is just wrong.  Of course, that may have a lot to do with how unusually dry it's been, but still.  FALL?!  I'm not ready for pumpkin-spice everything just yet.

And our local school district board has apparently lost their collective mind and decided kids need to be back to school on August 26 which, again, is just WRONG.  Summer is family time.  Relaxing time.  Lake time.  Not school time.  It smacks of "Well, you know, the kids are really better off in school than at home with YOU."  Which nobody has actually said to me, but I'm not off target here.  I was ranting to my SIL (an elementary teacher) about this she said, "Well, lots of kids ARE better off in school than at home."  I get it.  I get that some kids have messed up parents.  Or parent.  And they need solutions.  But SCHOOL IS SCHOOL NOT THERAPY.  School is not a nanny.

* Rant Over *

Meanwhile, is it weird that I feel excited, and maybe even victorious because I ordered TWO CASES of incandescent light bulbs?  (Which stores in our area are no longer ALLOWED TO SELL.)  Because we're supposed to use those nasty, cold/blue fluorescent bulbs.  NO THANK YOU.

Take that, enviro-whackos.

It's the small victories that keep me going, y'know?  And, apparently, using LOTS OF CAPITALS.

And now, off to hit the shower and attack the Mother Load... much to do today, starting with phone calls to new (health) insurance company to figure out what we can do about Kerry's teeth, IOW "How much more to add dental insurance" because he has terrible teeth.  Just broke another one on a cherry pit last night :o(

We're both imagining THOUSANDS of dollars in repair work.  Thousands of dollars we do not have. *UGH*

Meanwhile, our missionary friends in Myanmar are in Thailand awaiting the arrival of their baby.  Breanna had a wisdom tooth bothering her.  Went to a dentist for a consult.  And in less than 30 minutes and for THIRTY DOLLARS had the tooth out.  A trip to Thailand would be cheaper than whatever the American dentist will want.

Maybe so would dentures.  ARRRRGH.

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Unknown said...

I'm laughing over this post. My parents made sure to get as much dental work done in Jordan as they could before they retired. And it was better work, too!

I hope your dry summer doesn't dull your fall colors! We're seeing some turning here, too, but it is just leaves dying from heat and lack of water.