Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gunnar's Guy Get-together

I don't know about you, but kid birthday parties?

What it is about kids?
They can be perfectly nice, well-mannered sweethearts.
But you get them in a pack, and


I love my kids, and we did parties when they were little,
because that's FUN and that's what you DO,
but I told my boys:

When you're ten, we're done with kid parties.
You can have a couple of friends over and do something special,
but no more kid parties.

Of course, they can have friends over pretty much any time,
but it worked :D

Gunnar had a few friends over yesterday,
and I took no pictures.

But my mom snapped a couple at the beach.

After a couple hours of swimming and goofing off at the lake,
they had pizza, watched a movie, and played some games.

Everybody happy :D


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Choate Family said...

Love the alliteration!