Friday, August 28, 2015

As If The Fires Weren't Bad Enough...

In case you can't read the caption, (too small?) it says:
Rumor has it (and we know how fire service rumors can be), that one of the helicopters working the Kettle Fire Complex might have been airborne on a recon flight when the aircrew noted a snake amid the foot pedals of the airship.  The helicopter pilot successfully landed the aircraft, but by then the snake had retreated back into the helicopter's mechanical areas and could no longer be seen.  At last report, the search for the reptilian stowaway was reportedly still on.

Yes.  Snakes on planes.  For real.  FYI: Eastern Washington has rattlesnakes.

And then there's this:

Photo by Mark Mulligan

That was a big one.

The good news is, we got some rain last night and more is forecast for the next few days.  That helps us in the western half of the state and up on the western slopes of the Cascades (the Goodell and Upper Skagit fires), but who knows how much rain will get over the mountains to the really big fires. Probably not enough.  Praying.

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