Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Promotions and Honors

I'm combining two months of Civil Air Patrol promotions and honors,
but you don't mind, right?

It's because of Tate,
because his promotion spread over two months.
When you make a big promotion,
sometimes it takes awhile for things to come down from National.
(More on that, shortly.)

Last month Tate was recognized, i.e. given his new insignia)
for the rank of

2nd Lieutenant

So instead of wearing insignia (pins) on his collar,
he wears shoulder boards,
which his commander and I are putting on.

CAP will invite parents to participate in their kid's advancement,
sort of recognizing the parents' part in the cadet's success :D

As soon as Tate was promoted,
since he was the highest ranking cadet present,
he helped make the rest of the awards of the evening.

And the first one went to his older brother,
who now has to 

salute him

because Tate (younger) outranks Wyatt (older).

Which is cause for no end of (mostly good-natured) teasing.

Wyatt was recognized for getting a perfect score on his recent Aerospace test - well done!

Aaaaaand, another salute ;D

Fast forward to this month...

Gunnar reached a "Milestone Achievement",
meaning this is a more significant promotion,
as he is transitioning from what CAP calls "The Learning Phase"
into "The Leadership Phase".

He's promoting to the rank of Cadet Staff Sergeant,
and receiving his new insignia.

To earn this Wright Brothers Award,
he passed a comprehensive Leadership Test, a drill test,
a PT test (finally!), (no aerospace test this time), and
went before a review board.


He's also wearing a special shoulder cord for good grades.

Although Tate was officially promoted last month,
his official certificate came through from National
and was presented by a Wing representative last night.

This Award

The Billy Mitchell Award

is a Big Deal in CAP.

This is Tate's ninth promotion, and required
* comprehensive Leadership exam
* comprehensive Aerospace exam
* PT test
* completion of Basic Encampment
* going before the Review Board.

He's officially moved from "The Leadership Phase"
to "The Command Phase".


We're proud of all of them :D

And now Wyatt has a little more motivation to get in gear
and get himself promoting.
He's really close to Chief Master Sergeant,
and could earn his Billy Mitchell by January if he hustles.

Go, Wyatt!

Aunty Tami (along with Naomi) was with us last month,
and Grandma and Grandpa joined us this month.

We're so thankful to have close family to cheer the boys along :D
Can you believe how grown up they're looking?

So handsome!

Well, yes, I may be a bit biased ;D

And of course we celebrated in the usual fashion...
with a post-CAP trip to Dairy Queen.

And just for fun... last month's sunset (from the CAP parking lot)
colored by smoke from all the fires in Washington and BC...

... hoping that's all behind us.

Three cheers for the boys

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