Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Outside my window...  thankful for clear blue above me, after several smoky days.  Our forecast actually promises us some much-needed rain in the next few days, but sadly eastern Washington - where they need it more - may not get any.

Kerry was up hiking on Saturday - the day the smoke rolled in.

This first one he took from near Tomyhoi Lake, looking south to Mt. Baker.

Midday, the smoke rolls in...

Same spot as first photo, minus the lovely view.

Hearing...  a quiet house.  Tate is at work, Kerry is leaving to go kayaking with a friend, and Wyatt and Gunnar are downstairs - should be doing some chores as soon as Wyatt finishes a (CAP) test.
Right, boys?

Pondering...  making the most of the sunny weather we have left!  The rest of these pics (and this is a very photo-heavy post!) are from Sunday, a week ago.  My folks opened their beach to us, friends from our church, and friends from their church - fun times! 

My dad... a little heavy on the sunscreen ;D

Praying...  our state needs rain.  The wildfires are just horrible.
A lot of the little flame symbols now represent several fires that have grown together.
One fire alone is over 400 square miles.

* all of my family is healthy and doing well
* Wyatt is just back from an overnight backpack and had a good time
* Tate and I have met all three of his (public school) teachers and
he'll start school on a very positive footing
* my parents' generous Christmas gift is not only helping us fix the living room window
(fresh pics soon!) but will also fix Kerry's broken teeth (a story for another day)

Gunnar and Faye - you prayed for her!

Wearing...  blue shorts, turquoise t-shirt, teal Keens.
It takes a lot of effort to look this good.  *eyes roll*

Creating...  organization?

Here's a giggle - Mac, trying to get comfy in the inner tube.

Climb aboard... 
No, this isn't quite right.
Nope.  Still not there yet.
Ah.  Yah, so that's how they do it.

Going...  to work on a project tonight,
and make sure Tate is ready for school tomorrow.
Too soon.

We had just a few kids at the beach...

Reading...  just finished re-reading
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
because I love it so much.
How can you not love a book that says things like,
The two of them together benasties the mind.
(Of a local woman cozying up to a Nazi/occupation soldier for stockings.)

And I have five books waiting at the library.  Five!

Learning...  looking for ideas for a load of random fabric given to me by a friend from church.
Lots of "vintage" flannel pieces.

This canoe comes to the beach a lot.

The boys spend more time tipping it over than paddling it.
Because, of course.

Looking forward to...
while I DON'T want summer to end,
I do enjoy routine ;D
(Don't tell the boys I said that.)

Kerry would be very put out if I didn't show him windsurfing.
Because he still can.

In the kitchen...  we had a clean-out-the-fridge lunch (yum!),
and I'm thinking cheap pizza for the boys for dinner.

His hair.

Welcome to the Testosterzone

In the learning rooms... getting all my ducks in a row.

The cousin-twins - Christian helping little Faye get up.

... so she can climb right back down.

Around the house...  Kerry got a coat of paint on the living room wall.
One more coat and I can have my living room back!
Well, after I clean...

Kerry, entertaining the kids with a cannon-ball.

The Mother Load...
* working up the motivation to finish a sewing project,
(and start MORE because NEW FABRIC!)
* pick up library book
* get Gunnar into a pair of dress blues that fit
* invite a friend to lunch
* start prepping Sunday school lessons
* get two sticky spots off the mudroom floor
* pull grass under the lilac
* snip off some lithodora stems to try to grow new starts
* divide iris and montbrecia
* pull together some ideas for a friend considering homeschooling
and more... much, much more ;D

Let me show you.
This is how the waves work.

Are you sure?

Yes, you're doing well.

 Noticing that...  days are getting shorter. 

Because an inner tube just isn't enough.

Yes, that would be MY boys.

Something to remember for later...
to pick up Tate from work ;D

Something fun to share...
just THIS.
Summer days at the beach.

A favorite quote for today...
Tate, of his brother who was distracted,
His mind is on shuffle.

Kerry, at Potluck Church.
Really, it's just lemonade.
I promise.

One of my favorite things...
summer Potluck Church.

Oh yah, they're SINGING.
(The boys on the left.)

A Bible verse...
Genesis 2:2
By the seventh day,
God had finished the work He had been doing;
so on the seventh day
He rested from all His work.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
* boys to CAP tonight
* Tate starts school tomorrow
* Tate works five days in a row (five!)
* neighborhood Block Watch potluck
* get ready for homeschool launch on Monday 

Yes, I will STAY AWAY!

Goldfish under the walnut trees.

A peek into my world...

Mt. Baker, which is NOT on fire.


Joyful said...

Loved this photo filled post! So fun. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and you get the much needed rain. Can't wait to see your living room.

Ann said...

What a fun post!