Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dry, Hot, and Burning

As much as we've been loving our days at the beach,
this has not been a good summer for our state.

So very, very dry.

In the spring...

... and now.

You can sure see where Kerry has been watering the bushes!

Again, spring...

... and now.

 The upside (for the boys) is... no mowing!
Nothing is growing.

But the downside...

So many fires we don't have enough people or equipment to fight them all.

Three firefighters just lost their lives yesterday fighting the Twisp fire.
Whole towns are being evacuated.

None of these fires are near us (over on the coast),
but it's breaking our hearts.

Pray for rain.


Joyful said...

Oh my goodness! I will be praying for rain!

Ann Hibbard said...

Wow - what an incredible contrast! It looks like what I grew up with in Jordan - a desert climate!! Praying with you for rain, and especially for the heartbreaking fire threat.