Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Outside my window...
sunny blue skies,
a forecast of 85,
and an invitation to the lake...
just right!

the washer refilling.
It's a great day for drying on the line.


Whew.  I can tell myself I'm extraordinary,
not a book-hoarder.  ;D

summer is winding down and we'll soon be transitioning
back into the school year (*sigh*).
Praying for the boys - for a good year for each of them,
that they take increasing responsibility for themselves,
that they make good decisions,
that they cultivate good habits.
Me too :D

for a sunny day with friends today,
that our window project is coming along -
the inside is ready to paint (no trim up yet),
and we have a guy working on the outside.
Don't want to get lulled into complacency with this beautiful weather.
We'll want to have it weathered in and snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug
before the rains come.

blue shorts,
red tank top,
sad, worn-out flip-flops.

working on a secret project,
it's a gift!

to take Kerry out to dinner tonight,
it's his birthday!
As our family has grown we've started grouping our birthday celebrations,
so technically we've already observed Kerry's b'day.
** Hint, hint - Kerry, if you're reading - don't expect any more gifts! **
But there will be dinner at a restaurant.
And ice cream.... ahhhhh, ice cream.

just finished Secrets of a Charmed Life
by Susan Meissner.
I'm about to start Kara Tippetts'
The Hardest Peace.
You know that feeling when you're looking forward to something,
while kind of dreading it at the same time?

attention boys:

Just a reminder, because I know what you're hearing out there.

Looking forward to...
Gunnar and I are really looking forward to our camping trip with Naomi.
The problem at the moment is this:

None of those fires are anywhere near where we plan to camp,
but it does put a damper on things.
On the very minor-est of notes,
we'll probably not be allowed to have campfires :o(
But I think I have a work-around.
At this point they'll still allow BBQ's,
because charcoal doesn't produce cinders
(which could blow away and start a new fire),
so maybe I'll bring a bag of briquets.
We could light a few each night to roast marshmallows over.
Because what's camping without s'mores?!

Also (Hi Joanna!),
fifty days until Tate and I head to Arkansas :D

In the kitchen...
I'm taking the night off ;D

In the learning rooms...
still crickets ;D
but Tate is back to (public) school
a week from TOMORROW (too soon)
and we'll start up homeschooling the week after.

Around the house...
have you ever had someone mud and tape drywall in a house
while you're living in it?
Because I'm here to tell you,
no matter how careful you are,
and how you hang sheets of plastic from floor to ceiling,
that dust gets everywhere.
I'm trying really hard to be patient.

The Mother Load...
has become a notebook.
And that's enough about that.

Noticing that...
it's so dry that we can pull the moss out of the yard by the handful.
But is it a good idea?
I'm thinking we really need to thatch next spring.
Fun times!

Something funny to share...
Our red van was out of the photo to the right.
The red Buick and Wyatt's red Nissan are behind the two red trucks.

Apparently if you want to visit here,
or work for us,
here's your ticket:

Drive a red vehicle.

A favorite quote for today...
Salute and execute.

One of my favorite things...
summer lake days :D

A Bible verse...
Exodus 33:14
My Presence will go with you,
and I will give you rest.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
visiting with friends today,
CAP tonight,
dinner out (!!!)
Tate has an orientation at the high school
(not that he needs to be "oriented",
but he'll get his schedule),
a neighborhood BBQ,
Wyatt and Tate both have several shifts to work this week,
plus Wyatt is parking cars at the fair a few mornings,
they may be working a Fly-In this Saturday,
and if the weather holds maybe another beach day on Sunday.

A peek into my world...
we invited friends from church to join us at the beach Sunday
and had a fabulous time with lots of kids!

More pics coming soon,
but here's MY boys...

I have no idea.
But it was all fun.


melanie said...

Definitely not a hoarder. :D

Eager to see your NEW window(s) in place and finished, but not half as eager as you must be. ;-)

Happy birthday to Kerry!

Ann Hibbard said...

I have The Hardest Peace on my shelf, too. And I know that feeling - I want to read it, but I keep letting it slip further down the list.